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Thread: Review for "Totenburg - Weltmacht Oder Niedergang"

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    Review: Totenburg - Weltmacht Oder Niedergang

    Group: Totenburg

    Album: Weltmacht Oder Niedergang

    Label: Donnerschlag Records, Germany

    Release date: ??/??/2002

    Track Listing:
    1. Totenburg - 04:01
    2. Kalter Stahl - 05:00
    3. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover) - 06:48
    4. Rabenflug - 03:35
    5. Des Wotans Zorn - 04:34
    6. Schwarzer Geist - 03:47
    7. Krieg Kunst - 06:19
    8. Als die Alten Jung Noch Waren - 02:31
    9. Die Pest Kam Gen Norden - 08:18
    10. Werwolf (Absurd cover) - 02:14
    11. Sturm Des Krieges - 04:59

    Album Length: 52:32


    Album Review:

    Well when my friend first sent me this album I was looking foreward to it mainly becuase it had a cover of the burzum song "Dunkelheit" but when I started listening to the album I knew that would not be the only highlight.

    From the first song of this album (Totenburg) as you press play you know you are in for a great black metal album.

    The album consists of good mezmorizing cold sometimes bonesaw sounding guitar riffs in the vein of early darkthrone that sound like they are being picked with razorblades, cold distorted painfull screams to mid growls for vocals, all that combined with consistant mid paced drumming makes this a very good release.

    The album has a verry cold sound and feel to it, something that would be best suited to listen to at night where you could get the right feel for the atmosphere that this album creates (Any black metal fan knows this genre is all about atmosphere and how the music makes you feel). There isnt much info on this group that I could find on the internet, they are a NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) group and a pretty good one at that.

    It is probably one of the best black metal albums ive heard in a while and has given me hope for more good releases from this german horde in the future. This album spews pure hatred for subhumans and love for race and that is what national socialist black metal is all about.The only gripe I have with this album is it did not have a intro to the album to get you ready for the blitzkrieg that was comming you're way, I think some war sounds, maybe some machine gun fire or some bombs exploding would have been a nice finishing touch for this album allso.

    For all of you who read this review remember this is a raw black metal album and some of you may not like it but if you love groups like Panzerfasut (Germany), Genocide Kommando, Burzum or early Mayhem then you should get this album.

    Closing comments: Highlights for this album are the songs: "Totenburg", "Sturm Des Krieges", the cover of burzum's "Dunkelheit" and "Die Pest Kam Gen Norden"

    Final Rating: 9.5/10 (Would be a 10 if not for them not having a decent intro)
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    Great review, I will ad this review on

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