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Thread: The Negro and its Relationship to God

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    Smile Yes, you are right.

    I have re done the attachment, you have probably seen this already.

    It comes down to a matter of progression and an exercise in faith.

    Yes, we are to stay with our own race, and I believe there is no argument there.

    The faith issue to me rides like this,...

    We were not around back then, so we have to place our faith in a book which has a certain amount of research and verified history.

    I include the Bible in my assumptions and digressions.

    Cold Science verifies that beasts are older than man.

    The Bible states this fact also.

    Every beast and animal was brought by God to a White man to be named.

    This IS the case with science as all things are named by Whites.

    There are many, many instances where Science and God agree.

    I am old fashioned and that may tie me to the past, but, I still enjoy the "new" discoveries and the changing viewpoints to the origin of man.

    Kalos, your posts are very informative.

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    << It comes down to a matter of progression and an exercise in faith >>

    Ok, fair enough.

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