What is a "Russian nose"?

"Russian" is actually not a very suitable word, since this type of nose can appear among people who aren't ethnically Russian, such as Ukrainians. In Russian, a language that has adapted better to the general problematics of ethnical identity, it would be called российский нос [rossiyskiy nos] - "nose belonging to Russia as a nation", and not русский нос [russkiy nos] - "ethnically Russian nose". Therefore, we use quotation marks around it.

The basic structure of a "Russian nose" is, to simplify, that just below the root of the nose, there is a kind of lump. This lump is, however, not quite big enough to give the nose a convex shape.

The "Russian nose" is often combined with eyebrows that slightly grow into each other above the nose.

(What is a "Russian nose"?)