Does our internet obsession actually matter? What could it really do? Turns out, its changing the world.Before we can explain that, we have to understand how many people are actually out there on the internet. Internet usage has exploded. The International Telecommunications Union found in 2000 that there were 738 million people on the internet globally. In 2015, it was 3.2 billion people. That's almost half of every human that we know exists in the universe!On average, Americans spend 10 hours a day staring at their screens. The amount of time humans spend on their devices is changing the infrastructure of countries all over the planet! However, the craziest part is this isn't the first time our information obsession has caused wide societal changes.In the 1700s, books became affordable for the average person. This changed the world, triggering something people called 'reading mania.' People's obsession with reading books became something society was actually scared of. In the 1880s, the New York Times wrote that novels were "unwholesome" and other publications warned books could be changing our imagination. Sound familiar?