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Thread: "Cool Mama"

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    "Cool Mama"

    One of the most horrendous things I have ever seen:

    A white woman, Ann, age 50 marries a black man from Africa, Akin, KNOWING that he only wants to marry to be able to stay in Germany. KNOWING that he only stays with her because of money. But she is "in love" and forgives everything because she is oh so liberal.
    She knows he betrays her, has one night stands.
    She knows he has a relationship, a woman next to her.
    She knows he is on top of that married in Africa with 4 children and constantly producing more children with his wife in Africa when on vacation home.
    But she doesn't want to grow old alone, so well.
    They go to Africa together to visit the family, the kids call Ann "grandma", and Akin "jumps from bed to bed several times at night" (quote!) to please his two wifes.
    Later and back in Germany Ann she even divorces him only for him to get his family to Germany because he is legally German citizen now and thus just passes by the German immigration law. Family of five comes to Germany and moves in a beautiful condo Ann just gave them.
    Makes him happy. Makes her happy. Or not so much. At some point she notices that maybe he is not as smart and she thought and the relationship lacks "deeper thoughts and discussions". So they split up. And from now on he and his family do what...? Live on welfare? He is not the "orker type" because so far all we know about his 20 years in Germany is that he can cook well (and doesn't speak much German but still uses mostly English to communicate).

    I don't even know who of the 2 I find more disgusting:
    The African who uses the German woman or the German woman who obviously want to be used.

    The whole documentary is in German:
    Lík börn leika best.

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