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Thread: Ageing Populations

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    Ageing Populations

    According to the World Health Organization, nearly two billion people across the world are expected to be over 60 years old by 2050, a figure that’s more than triple what it was in 2000. Because of such increases in their aging populations, some of the world’s largest economies have started facing subsequent increases in their health-care costs, higher pension costs, and a decreasing proportion of their respective citizenries active in the workforce. A major contributing factor to this trend has been diminishing fertility rates in these countries in recent decades, further compounded by longer lifespans. In order to adapt to their increasingly aging populations, many countries have raised the retirement age, reduced pension benefits, and have started spending more on elderly care.
    You will see a few of the Germanic countries in the list in the report above. It is one of the reasons/excuses given for letting in lots of immigrants. So what are the best solutions to the problem of an ageing population? What exact policies would you implement?

    Or is it not really a problem?

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    In a vacuum, it would not be a problem, but we don't live in a vacuum. We live in a western society where (((certain people))) have promoted feminism and put feminizing agents like soy products in all sorts of food, then even made food containers from feminizing agents (BPAs) in an effort to lower testosterone in men and destroy the male ethos. Then there are the contributions of consumerism and even direct brainwashing against reproduction in the media (the target is always people of European descent.) Then we have the British Nationality Act of 1948 and the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 and the "Gastarbeiter" program in Germany, all pressed by Jewish interests for the specific purpose of swamping our nations with non-whites and drastically changing our demographics. One of the excuses for this is our "aging populations," and that this is necessary from an economic standpoint to maintain the population. And the next day, we see more propaganda about how we should stop having children because of "world overpopulation."

    Yes, if we were to maintain our homogeneous populations without being socially engineered to commit suicide as a people, the problem would work itself out.

    As things are, yes, it's a HUGE problem, and every Germanic child you can bring into the world is desperately needed.
    Most people think as they are trained to think, and most people make a majority.

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