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Despite being Philo-Semitic, naively and disingenuously so in my opinion, Jared Taylor exposes the Jewish hypocrisy and double standards in relation to mass immigration and what they advocate for us in the West, and what they want for themselves in Israel. In the West they want multiculturalism, immigration, diversity, and miscegenation, meanwhile in Israel they have some of the most restrictive immigration laws, and frown upon any marriage between Jew and non-Jew. The interviewer even admits that he would support banning the arguments made by Jared Taylor invoking the holocaust narrative as justification for curtailing free speech on the issues Taylor talks about. The Jewish interviewer also said that he supports a world in which there are no borders, but not when it comes to Israel unsurprisingly.

This is an excellent interview to show those who deny that Jews support one thing for the
West and another for the Jewish state of Israel. They are Zionists for Israel and Multiracialist advocates for Western nations. The idea is to deconstruct homogenous European nations in their own group interests.