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Thread: Iceland No Longer the Happiest Nation - Which Is No Surprise

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    Iceland No Longer the Happiest Nation - Which Is No Surprise

    Might there be a correlation between the increasing amount of refugees in the country?
    Between the rising costs of housing /unavailability of housing due to mass tourism and greedy landlords converting every available space into hotels and guesthouses?
    Between the growing non icelandic speaking group of foreigners?
    The downfall of the health system (lack of doctors, nurses causing lack of treatment)?
    The mass tourism destroying nature and the tourists' respectless behaviour towards private property, people, nature, and animals?

    Iceland has changed massively in the last very few years. To the worse.
    I could tell you horror stories of patients in hospitals, of tourists killing and barbecuing sheep and showing utter disrespect towards the country they are visiting and its people, due to Icelanders who are forced to live in campers on campsites because rent is either no longer affordable to them or their renting contracts were cancelled due to their flat was made into an Airbnb, and foreigners getting money and support from the government whereas elderly Icelanders have nothing but a lemonade and toast in their fridges.
    Lík börn leika best.

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