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Thread: A Bit of Background on How Britain Became Multicultural.

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    A Bit of Background on How Britain Became Multicultural.

    A bit of background on how Britain became multicultural.

    6 days ago

    Britain's slide into multiculturalism began when the SS Windrush bought Blacks over in 1948, eliciting great shock and confusion among most MPs at the time. The Windrush was Jewish-owned/operated and green-lit for private use by a Jewish Minister For Transport.

    At the same time, Blacks in Jamaica were bombarded with ads and articles extolling a new life in London in a propaganda campaign by The Gleaner, which had a monopoly of Jamaican press. It was founded by the Jewish Cordova brothers in 1834 and was run by Michael de Cordova in the 1940s. Stephen Pollard wrote:

    The response was almost instantaneous. Queues formed and every place was sold. Many ads were propaganda pieces presenting an idealised picture of life in Britain in stark contrast to reality. Nonetheless, they were successful in generating a buzz of excitement among Blacks keen to move to a welfare state.

    This was at a time when many naval vessels were re-purposed after the war and handed to private (mostly Jewish) companies at the discretion of the Ministry for War & Ministry for Transport. The Secretary of State for War was Emanuel Shinwell, also Jewish, who incidentally was caught by MI5 passing British secrets to the Irgun in Palestine in 1947.

    Thus began wave upon wave of Blacks, Indians and Pakistanis coming to Britain over the next two decades.

    Did immigration law at the time permit such a flood? It did, according to Solicitor General, Frank Soskice, also Jewish.

    Soskice later pushed the first Race Relations Act through Parliament in 1965 which crucially created the ‘Race Relations Board’. This sponsored research from ‘independent’ bodies whose boards read like a Bar Mitzvah invitation list.

    One example was PEP, which produced the ‘bible’ on race relations. The NCCI (later Community Relations Commission) promoted Black & South East Asian immigration and was run by Hebraic lawyers, such as Anthony Lester who co-founded Runnymede Trust with Jim Rose.

    Lester, Rose, the NCCI, PEP, the Runnymede Trust and other means of unelected Jewish influence were brought to bear on successive governments, extending the multicultural state and slowly tightening the noose on free speech.

    Fast forward to the 1990s where the floodgates truly opened under Blair:

    His Immigration Minister and the Chief Architect of New Labour was Barbara Roche who told the Independent:

    Jonathan Portes, also Jewish, came up with the official report "justifying" the huge flood of migration, which went on to become the most important document in modern UK history and the unspoken policy of White dispossession.

    In turn, Peter Mandelson again Jewish, literally sent recruiting parties to Africa to persuade natives minding their own business to move to the UK for a better life and welfare gibs.

    During this period, the (((media))) was strangely silent on the adverse impact of mass migration - as just one example, Alan Yentob who oversaw programming at the BBC was perhaps the most influential man in British media. His boss & Chairman of the BBC was Michael Grade, also Jewish.

    Only decades later did the media pay lip service to the detrimental effects of mass immigration, downplaying it as a shot at the "Right" by Labour. However, since gaining power the Tory "Right" had been busying itself opening the floodgates even wider. Cohencidentally, Cameron once quipped the Tory Party should be renamed the Torah party there are so many Jews at its top.

    But you are not allowed to notice this. In fact merely pointing out some (((presenters))) get paid more than others for no apparent reason is enough to get you fired:

    Today, Israel is officially stationed in Greece where one Jewish rep bragged they were literally “dragging migrants ashore”. These "aid" efforts are funded by the Israel Foreign Office and much of diaspora Jewry.

    In turn, Jewish peer Alf Dubs changed British law to ship in more Muslim migrants from Calais.

    Last but not least, deporting this third world diversity is harder due to Jewish activist lawyers who pushed laws to open the UK’s borders such as Lord Lester who campaigned for 30 years to enforce the ECHR and whose bills became models for the Human Rights Act 1998. In turn, free speech is primarily curtailed by the Public Order Act of 1986, the work of (((Brittan))) and (((Rifkind))) .

    These laws are the reason we can jail someone for a tweet but can't deport a foreign rapist.
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