After all the stories about Katla, Hekla, Bárðabunga and Grimsvötn, a real threat is coming: Öræfajökull!

It's very close to where I live, so we will have our second community meeting to plan how to deal with a possible eruption. This is how life in Iceland is, nature is beautiful but also dangerous. We will see how it goes this time. If we're all lucky it will "only" be a glacier flood (jöklahlaup), whereas the water will only need 20-30 minutes to reach the coastline. Thus it is most important to evacuate before the eruption really starts. If it goes really bad, we will get a massive eruption on top of the glacier flood just like 1362 (the biggest and most devastating volcanic eruption in Iceland besides Laki), where the whole Southeast was covered in ash and lava was running down the mountains, destroying a whole municipality and a vast area of land (Öræfi means "desert", "solitude").

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