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Thread: Holograhic Runes

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    Holograhic Runes

    Runes are holographic. We know this already, so it’s not a new idea. We know this when we look for a Mother Rune or a Bind Rune, knowing instinctively that every single rune is but a microcosm to a macrocosm.

    In that our ancestors used the runes to define their language, which is the manifestation of thought, then the holographic nature of runes is akin to the holographic nature of reality as our ancestors understood it. So that looking at one thing in nature, one can see the whole of nature. As such, the runes (like nature), cannot be separated or taken out of their context, for there is never a singular rune but an entire Futhark in every rune. Changing one rune then would result in change within the entire Futhark.

    This may be easier to understand if one acknowledges the role of consciousness over matter; or that consciousness is the primary substance of the world(s). We know this already, so it’s not a new idea. We know this when we engage in and so personally experience the Web of Gift Giving. A gift, though material, is more than matter, but consciousness expanded outward, it is one’s intent and desire made manifest. As such, in gifting one expands their individual consciousness; likewise, sharing with others, through ideas, is the cornerstone of true wealth.

    Yet another aspect of this is using runes or Seid to divine the future. In that one’s individual thoughts manifest as deeds, which then set the course of future reality, then changing one’s course of action will change the outcome of a situation. And we know this already as well, so like the previous ideas, this too is not a new idea. For example, in our lore, the ability to change one’s fate, one’s wyrd, is seen in the hero tales. As a Seidwoman it is easy for me to see the thread and so follow its outcome in the average Heathen; for heroes, I must dive deeper.

    And for the average Heathen, who experiences life as random, this is where fractals and chaos enters in; and possibly why Loki’s role increased. In fact, Loki’s rise to prominence occurred with the rise of Christianity, which indicates an increased sense of societal destabilization and individual insecurity. So if one creates their own future through their individual deeds, and the world of the ancestors and tivars is seemingly in turmoil due to the onslaught of the White Christ, then a fractal / broken perspective of reality is created. In turn, this changes the entire whole because when so many are mutually experiencing chaos, then this condition spreads like a plague. In such a compromised environment, right rule through Tyr, and right defense through Wodan, give way to Loki’s unpredictability (likewise with Wodan’s precarious nature). Because all of nature leans towards the observer’s viewpoint, when that future is uncertain then uncertainty rises. Like truly attracts like.

    Seidr is the magic that changes the field, that re-weaves / re-directs the very atoms / threads of being. As conscious beings – our highest aspiration being Wyrd Consciousness – we are malleable. True Seidfolk know this; which is why I explained in my book Voluspa: Seidr as Wyrd Consciousnesses, the those who would know Seid, must know the threads of probability. Simply put, there is no beginning or end, meaning Ginnunga-gap is outside of Time’s measure. And due to the nature of reality, which Seidr intimately understands – when a beginning point or end point is looked for, the very expectation of finding them will actually build upon them. So that, looking for the beginning will ever weave a new beginning, and looking for an end will every weave a new end.

    These are not new ideas, but ones I have written about and shared for over 30 years through numerous essays and lectures, then extensively highlighted in my book (published in 2005). As Heathens we are the conductors of our folkway, and as a Seidwoman I am the conductor of Wyrd Consciousness. At every turn, You Are Your Deeds (individually, not collectively); so by taking the reins of one's reality they determine the course of their own wyrd flow.

    Die Sonne scheint noch.

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    Runes are roughly 2400 year old and started with the Fish era, now we are in a change to acquarius, which will develope new 'runes'.

    There are already new systems with new signs.

    Old runes, like the Futhark, need a certain state of consciousness to be applicable and useable.

    I read books about runes but none of them inspired me. I think the real secrets have not been unlocked because of inferior consciousness.

    It was a system embedded in a whole culture, a way of thinking we modern people have difficulties to replicate. Without the embedded environment to study and understand the runes is virtually impossible.

    In general today we assume the form of the symbol has power. Nowadays to assume that form has power is a pretty weird statement. To back up that this is indeed so hasn't been done to my knowledge.

    If we take the analogy of the Christian cross, which Christians use to ban evil entities, we can only assume, that non-physical entities are behind that sign and it is in reality a call of those entities.

    Different entities have different features. In the past, for ex. Heathen would literally assume that Thor/Donar is behind a thunderstorm. Not in the childish sense that Donar throws his hammer but in the energetic happenings in the weather, which was assumed by the presence of this Aesir.

    Same is with war, same is with Friggs 12 maiden.

    Nanna was the patron of flowers (married to the summer Aesir Baldur, same energy different expression)

    To evoke the energy and thus invoke changes, the rune most likely have been accompanied with invocations.

    And these invocations are the essential parts which activate the runes.

    Otherwise they have very little to no power.

    It also seems one had to have friendly connections with those entities, they should have been in ones life. To call about them without this connections might not do much.

    That is the main reason I am sceptical about runes, nowadays they are way to intellectualized and not an integral part of life.
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