In this very short article I would like to introduce you to one of the most shocking experiences in my life; the voice of this woman is as pagan as it can be and the best way I could describe it is as an expression of Nature.

Armed only with a simple leather drum and her voice, she has become one of the most famous persons of her land and she did that singing folk songs in her native language. One of her most beloved songs is dedicated to mother Nature (mín móðir; my mother) and most of her compositions are based on Scandinavian Folk-music.

When I hear her music I feel myself transported, it’s almost as if I were hearing an ancient musical witch from our Germanic ancestors, that induces with her sounds a connection with the powers of Nature .

I must admit I don’t know much abut her or her music because it is all in Faroese or Icelandic but I have been hearing her since many years and I would like to share a selection of my favorite songs.

Even without translations the important thing is to nourish our souls with White sensibilities and the feelings that this music awakes.

It is important to say that soon as she gained recognition, her music started to become more alienated from her roots till the point where it resembles the musical Dadaism of Bjork. Here I present the older songs, before her music was corrupted by pop culture and the Jewish media.

Here is also a short introduction taken from Wikipedia:

Eivør Pálsdóttir (pronounced [ˈaivœɹ ˈpɔlsˌdœʰtəɹ]; born 21 July 1983), known professionally as Eivør, is a Faroesesinger-songwriter with a distinct voice and a wide range of interests in various music genres spanning rock, jazz, folk, pop and European classical music. Her musical roots are in the Faroese ballads.

Many of her songs are in Faroese, some are in Icelandic and the most recent are mostly in English.

1) Mín móðir (My mother)

Eivør - Mín Móðir (Live) Lyrics in Faroese / Føroyskt with English Translation

2) Trøllabundin (spellbound)

Eivør - Trøllabundin (Official Lyric Video)

3) Súrligar nætur í Keypmannahavn feat Jógvan

Eivør & Jógvan - Súrligar nætur í Keypmannahavn

4) Unknown Icelandic Folk-song

This song makes me think of Beowulf and those times when our Germanic ancestors sang together in their halls.

This song should begin in the minute 3 with 58 seconds

pálsdóttir Eivør 3/5

5) Heyr himna smiður

This is actually a religious song from Scandinavia but since Jahwe hates all idols including musical representations of god, all religious music is pagan and the religious text of this song cannot deny the Germanic spirit that composed it.

Eivör Pálsdóttir syngur Heyr himna smiður

6) Nú brennur tú í mær

Eivør Pálsdóttir - Nú brennur tú í mær