Donald Trump Jr. was right: It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about socialism. At least that’s what a survey published Thursday by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation appears to suggest.

Because for the first time in the study’s history, the VCMF said a majority of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism.

But there’s one catch…

Only 34% of millennials could accurately differentiate between communism and socialism.

...and seven in ten couldn’t accurately define communism.

Considering the extent to which radical leftist idealism permeates contemporary college culture, the fact that millennials feelings toward socialism. It also should come as no surprise that 70% of millennials underestimated the number of victims of communism. Nearly half were off by 50 million or more.

Oddly, a small percentage of Americans view communist leaders like Joseph Stalin favorably, despite his massive body count.

But while millennials still harbor generally more favorable views about communist icons like Stalin and Che Guevara, their numbers have dropped since last year.

Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, only 60% of Americans are aware of the economic calamity taking place in Venezuela.

In summary, millennials, who now comprise the largest plurality of American voters and the largest generational cohort in the workplace, are decidedly more liberal than their older peers. Perhaps the fact that many millennials are too young to remember the Cold War has something to do with it. But one thing’s for certain, with polling showing Bernie Sanders to be the most popular politician in America, Nancy Pelosi and her corporatist cronies might see their grip on the party continue to weaken amid a resurgence of the American left.