A new project of the EU called “Respect Words” will be used as a guideline for journalists. They are not to talk to ‘extremists’ and when reporting on migrant crime they are not to mention ethnicity unless it is ‘relevant’ to the story contextually.

These guidelines are being promoted under the motto of: “Ethical Journalism against Hate Speech”. They contain a few chapters of suggestions on how journalists should cover certain subjects: immigration, Islam and Islamisation to name a few. All of this with an unavoidable use of politically correct terminology. Otherwise known as thought control.

Even though the guidelines say that there is no ‘specific definition’ of ‘hate speech’, they suggest that journalists shouldn’t produce ‘hate speech’ and that when they feel they have to, that they should ‘provide context and challenge such notions’.

The guidelines also say that ‘extremists’ should be totally ignored, while interestingly enough, there are many chapters calling for the media to push more stories about immigrants, Muslims and others.

“Acknowledge the complexity of these topics, don’t try to fit your reporting into a master narrative of integration vs parallel societies.” – Funny that an EU document would mention parallel societies. Almost as if these immigrants don’t want to nor can integrate…

“‘Othering’ involves creating a binary and mutually exclusive opposition between two groups assumed to be homogeneous: ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is thereby also, albeit indirectly, a statement about one’s own group.” – Notice the word choice here. Journalists are expected to write about the immigrants from the Middle East and Africa as not ‘other’, which they are. The guidelines are trying to paint the usage of words that describe other groups as ‘other’ as something hateful or derogatory. Which it is not. It is just stating the obvious fact.

This is yet another attempt by the EU to push their agenda. They are telling journalists what to write and how to say it. This is dangerous. People need to be aware of these things and decide for themselves.