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Thread: Indian Couple Demands White British Child For Adoption

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    Indian Couple Demands White British Child For Adoption

    Reena and Sandeep Mander wanted to adopt in the UK, but only White children were available.

    The way adoption works is that the cultural background of the child is considered before family placement. The rights of the child come first. These Indians who were born in England were offended by this policy and hired a lawyer to get them a White child. They figured since they have a lot of money, birthright citizenship, and a large home they should be at the top of the list.

    If you think conservative politicians will look out for the rights of the native White population, think again. Theresa May is supporting this couple, completely disregarding the welfare of the child.

    By the way, they weren’t told they could not adopt. They were told that they would be less likely to get a White child because children are matched by cultural background. They were directed to try adopting from India.

    There are many reasons why children are adopted, sometimes they’ve been taken by the state. Forcefully transferring children to another group is actually considered genocide according to U.N. law. So “conservative” politicians like Theresa May’s support for White genocide goes beyond the usual open borders and assimilation method.

    Transracial adoption is genocide. Anti-White politicians open our borders, then promote assimilation, and in this case support giving our children away to be culturally damaged as well. It’s White genocide.

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    Adoption is not some inalienable right. That child is someone else's blood. It's not some pet that you can take home just because you whine and scream loud enough.

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