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Thread: Austrian Woman is Found Guilty of 'Engaging in Nazi Activity' After Sharing a Picture of a Swastika Marzipan Cake on Social Media

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    Austrian Woman is Found Guilty of 'Engaging in Nazi Activity' After Sharing a Picture of a Swastika Marzipan Cake on Social Media

    An Austrian woman has been convicted of spreading Nazi propaganda after she shared a picture of a 'Nazipan' swastika cake on WhatsApp.

    The doctored image shows a cake with a swastika sponge pattern, made with 'real German Panzer chocolate' that 'can contain traces of racism'.

    The unnamed 41-year-old from Linz was found guilty of 're-engagement in National Socialist activities' under Austria's strict anti-Nazi laws, and given a 12-month suspended sentence.

    The image the woman shared shows a fake cake-box, advertising a 'Nazipantorte' with white icing and a black pattern, and a texts reads: 'With real Nazipan and German Panzer chocolate.'

    The famous Dr Oetker logo was changed to show the name of Dr Ogen instead, with the German word 'drogen' meaning 'drugs' in English.

    According to the prosecutor, it was not the first time that the woman sent some bizarre Nazi images to her friends. She previously sent a picture of a baby with a Hitler moustache and haircut in 2015 and 2016.

    On social media she also posted comments such as 'Heil 88' (with '88' standing for 'HH' or Heil Hitler) as well as an image of a Nazi flag.

    The court deemed her guilty on 're-engagement in National Socialist activities', which is a crime under Austria's strict anti-Nazi laws.

    Linz district court spokeswoman Margit Kreuzer said: 'She was found guilty of almost all charges.'

    It was not the first time picturing Nazi imagery on food items has led to a remarkable court case in Austria or Germany, both countries having drafted strict anti-Nazi laws after World War II to prevent a potential resurgence of National-Socialism.

    In May, a German grandmother was convicted by a judge for posting a picture of Easter eggs painted with swastikas and SS symbols.

    The pensioner, who was only identified as 70-year-old Margit H., was sentenced to a fine of 750 EUR (£660 ) by a court in Dresden, a city in the Eastern German state of Saxony.

    She posted a picture of a basket full of Easter eggs, containing ten eggs painted in red or black, and sent it to her friends over social media.

    They sported all kinds of Nazi or neo-Nazi symbols like a swastika and the rune symbol of the Nazi paramilitary SS.

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    It is paranoia to assume that a cake with a swastika is NS revival.

    As far as I know some Germans are hysterical about something like that but the majority shrugs it off.

    That the judicial system is so comical anti NS, sentencing somebody to a year in prison for a cake. Makes them an institution which is far away from reality and the people.

    On the other hand they refuse to sentence Muslims for serious crimes leaves one with only one convlusion: the judicial system is just another tool of white genocide.

    The courts have nothing to do with justice anymore. It's a tool for white destruction.

    The judges are disgusting examples of people without conscience, justice and fairness. They are openly Marxist ideologues.
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