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There is no such thing as "New Germans", they're invaders and they're not going to go away just because you help trash our country.

Unfortunately, this defeatist turn-away and look-the-other-way attitude is precisely what allowed this influx to happen in the first place, not only in 2015, but all the decades before. No one wanted the guest-workers, with whom this insanity started, not the businesses, not politics, not cultural organisations, not social organisations. But instead of raging a protest in the streets, they were still imposed on us, and it was allowed through this retreating attitude. They became more and more, and people moved out of the districts where they concentrated, leaving ever growing chunks of our country to invaders.

Life is struggle. Retreating means defeat.
88% of Germany registered voters had chosen to "go on as usual" in the 2017 General Elections .

Remember "Mach meinen Kumpel nicht an" demonstrations and Light Chains , that attracted hundred thousands of "Native Germans" .


We are the minority , especially in my State , where AfD reached less than 6% .
I am a completely outsider here .

When you see the masses of small children born to the invaders since 2015 and probably since 2012 the war in Syria ,
then by 2050 the native Germans will be less than 50% of the population , especially since the pensioners are
going to die by straw death , and by year 2100 around 10% and mostly from the countryside.

The invaders will own the cities with weapon manufacturing and be the majority of the police and army forces .

This will be their land !
This will be their continent !