Everyone who’s been to Australia has seen them.

They huff gasoline, sleep on roads, produce children solely for government benefits, cuss at strangers entering and exiting supermarkets, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

I’m talking, of course, about White people.

What is it about White people that makes us so incompatible with the world? As soon as our ships reach the shores of a new continent, we begin to plunder its resources and exploit its people. And when others ask us why we did it, we invariably respond with, “I dunno, just bored I guess lol.”

One of the saddest stories to come from White people’s long and sordid history of oppression is that of the Australian Aborigines.

The Aborigines were a graceful race of hunter-gatherers who roamed Australia back when it was a lush, forested paradise. When White people arrived on the continent, however, they torched the forests and turned everything to desert for the lulz. Then they got the Aborigines addicted to drinking paint thinner, which forced their average IQ to drop from 145 to 62 in a single generation.

But Whites weren’t done with the “coons” yet. Oh no.

They wanted the children.

Daily Mail:

Aborigines belonging to Australia’s so-called “Stolen Generations” Tuesday accused the government of prolonging their suffering by failing to implement recommendations from a landmark report 20 years ago that investigated the forced removal from their families.

The term “Stolen Generations” refers to the thousands of indigenous children who were taken from their homes and put in foster care with white families or institutions under assimilation policies that ended only in the early 1970s. Many never saw their parents or siblings again.

The pivotal “Bringing Them Home” report in 1997, which followed a national inquiry into the tragedy, acknowledged the human rights violations suffered and set out measures to support those affected.

One of the key demands mentioned in the report was a national apology, which finally came in 2008.

But two decades on, victims said that while funding had been provided for counselling, cultural programmes and family support, they continued to face institutional racism and cited a failure to properly address mental health issues.

Seriously, though, this whole “Stolen Generation” thing is nonsense. The intention behind the plan was to save Aboriginal children from their parents, who were raping them, beating them, and mutilating their genitals (look up “penile subincision” if you’re brave).

It was a futile goal, of course, because Whites cannot save non-Whites from their own genetics. But it was well-meaning, and any Aborigine who says that they’re traumatized because their first childhood memories were of going to school and riding a bike, rather than getting raped in the ass by a tribal chief, is lying.

But they lie about it anyway, because the Australian government gives them a fortune in “guilt” money.

“For many Stolen Generations members, this has created additional trauma and distress,” “Bringing Them Home 20 Years On”, a new study by indigenous support organisation The Healing Foundation, said.

“The resulting trauma has been passed down to children and grandchildren, contributing to many of the issues faced in indigenous communities, including family violence, substance abuse and self harm.”

This is literally Jew-tier “Holocaust in muh DNA” shit.

Aborigines who grew up in their own communities experience far greater instances of substance abuse, domestic violence and self-harm than those who were raised by Whites. If the grandchild of a “Stolen Generation” member is now spending his days drinking gasoline in a ditch, it’s simply because he’s reverted back to type, as all brown people in White countries eventually do.

White Australians should just segregate themselves from Aborigines and be done with it. Attempting to civilize these people doesn’t work; it just destroys us in the process.