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Thread: Council to bring “drag queen story time” for under 5s to Muslim enclave in London

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    Council to bring “drag queen story time” for under 5s to Muslim enclave in London

    Quote Originally Posted by Verđandi
    What could possibly go wrong?

    The local council of the London Borough of Newham – an area heavily populated by immigrants from the Muslim world – has announced that it will be hosting a series of “Drag Queen Story Times” for children under the age of five.

    Earlier this week, in a tweet, Newham Council took to Twitter to make the announcement, writing: “The first of our Drag Queen Story Times for under 5s & their parents & carers at @NewhamLibraries this #LGBTHM20 is on Friday.”

    Admission into the event is free with the storytimes taking place during the children’s half-term school breaks.

    On its website, the Newham Council writes, “By providing spaces in which kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions, Drag Queen Story Time allows children to imagine the world in which people can present as they wish. Where dress-up is real.”

    Census data from 2011 showed that the Muslims comprised 32 percent of Newham’s population. With current demographic trends in mind, it’s reasonable to assume that that number is much higher today than it was in 2011.

    Bringing “Drag Queen Story Time” for under 5s to a community like Newham is likely to be controversial, and how Muslim parents respond to it is anyone’s guess.

    Last year, several hundred Muslim parents protested in front of a primary school in Birmingham for 8 weeks for the school’s decision to teach “LGBT-inclusive” content to the children.

    Drag Queen Story Hour is a phenomenon that has been growing steadily over the past few years, and often enjoys the financial backing of local and national governments that are controlled by leftists.

    In November, Voice of Europe reported on a € 160,000 grant taken from the Swedish Inheritance Fund – a state body that manages the inheritance money of Swedes who’ve died without heirs – that was used to fund drag queen story hours for kids.

    The post Council to bring “drag queen story time” for under 5s to Muslim enclave in London appeared first on Voice of Europe.


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