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Thread: Bui the Dragon: Some Intertexts of Jomsvikinga Saga

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    Bui the Dragon: Some Intertexts of Jomsvikinga Saga

    Búi digriand other men transformed into dragons.

    The article discusses the information given at the end of Jómsvíkinga saga, where Búi digri after the battle of Hjǫrungavágr is said to have transformed into a dragon.

    This story is analysed in the light of some other sources which might elucidate the episode: Jómsvíkingadrápa, which confirms that the story of Búi’s transformation is essential in the Jómsvíking story, Þorskfirðinga saga, which ends in a similar way with the hero transforming into a dragon, Árngrímr abóti’s Guðmundar saga byskups, and Árni Jónsson’s Guðmundardrápa, which both relate bishop Guðmundr’s encounter with the dragon in Hjǫrungavágr.

    The article argues for a direct connection between Jómsvíkinga saga and Þorskfirðinga saga and uses this connection to question the standard picture of Þorskfirðinga saga as a late, “post-classical” saga influenced by fornaldarsögur. The treatment of the dragon story in the two works about bishop Guðmundr is used to interpret how the story about Búi was perceived by the contemporary audience.
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