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Thread: Fall of the Berlin Wall

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    This is my oldest political memory. I was 8 at the time and didn't truly get what it was all about, although I did probably understand the Soviets lost the Cold War. I remember the euphoria we saw on TV. Yet my clearest memory is of a teacher talking to us children about the event in school. I can still see her standing there in front of us, in the old local school on a dark, cold winter morning, the coal burner stoaf in the background, in a half lit classroom. "Does anyone of you know what happened yesterday?" It's strange how something fleeting like a memory lasting 2 seconds in real time will stick with you for life, while thousands of other moments of that same day and period are lost, hence becoming the go-to memory whenever a certain matter is discussed.
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    I have most of the same memories and impressions held by others here, being about Chlodovech's age.

    Although I don't share Ossi's political stance, it was sad that poor East Germans faced a boycott forcing the change, yet it was Moscow that enslaved them and this friction ultimately reunited Germany. Instead of dwelling on the matter of Bonn and Soviet brainwashing about it...whilst I felt the euphoria as encapsulated in Wind of Change by Scorpions, became worried that West Germany as well as Europe generally, was letting their guards down. Once the Wall was torn down and the Kremlin regime collapsed, Marxist infection became seen as harmless instead of the source of fear that the Free World experienced before.

    How could the Frankfurt School be at its heart, when Chemnitz was renamed for Karl Marx? That was just like Leningrad and Stalingrad replacing the original names in the Eastern Bloc, which didn't happen in the European Germany. How could apologists for the NSDAP prefer remaining a Soviet Germany? You cannot restore an independent Germany without first undergoing reunification. If you have a problem with the EU, make the Parisians pay for their arrogance, chiefly by taking the Union from them, before dissolving it and thus, that would make Germans free.

    Tiananmen Square showed China was doubling down on everything that was said to be passé about the USSR, but everyone was doing business with them more than ever, due to the One China Policy.

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