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Thread: Germanic Preservationism - What Characterises Us?

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    Germanic Preservationism - What Characterises Us?

    The question posed may at first seem a little obvious, and perhaps it is, but here goes.

    Of course Germanics all share something of a common decendency or origin, a common cultural origin, a common linguistic origin and an intertwined history and heritage - these are, by and large, the things that characterise us as Germanics. What I want to know, though, is what it is that we as preservationists share in common outside of the politico-ideological spectrum, ie, what is it aside from our need to preserve Germanic culture and so forth that we all share, and can this be defined in a manner clear and logical enough to be used as a means of outright unification across our various nations and as a way to self-define.

    More simply put, is there a "Germanic Preservationist" lifestyle, if so, what is it, if not, can it be constructed and is the contruction of such a thing desirable, or is it not?

    Through observation, for example, it is noticeable that a large number of us grow our own fruit and/or veg, have a tendency towards the outdoors and the natural world, have a taste for folk and/or classical music, strive for honour, for courage and strength, to seek wisdom and so on. There are a million more things that can be added to this and what I find so interesting about it is that I can share it with an American, a Swede, a South African and a German, despite linguistic, political and geographic seperation.

    Are the things described an echo of our 'Germanic spirit' transgressing boundaries, or are they things that unite us on a different level?

    I hope this post doesn't read as confusingly for all of you as it does myself! If it does, hopefully you can figure what sort of direction I was trying to go in, but if not, I can try and clarify.
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