It has been my observation that the pan-European and pan-Germanic movement centers around blood and soil. How do you feel about it?

Our peasant ancestors had a stronger bond to the soil/land than our urbanised contemporaries.

An interesting article: Folk and Land: The Revitalization of Our Culture

The soil is the foundation of our European Culture, both in terms of practical sustenance and spiritually. The land has a mystical quality to which the Folk is rooted by ties of Family–of Blood–for generation upon generation. This is the meaning of that misunderstood and slandered concept Blood & Soil.

The Village emerges to fill the social and economic needs of an expanding rural population, to both sell produce and facilitate social communication. This is the beginnings of a culture. As the Culture gives way to Civilization, the symbols are no longer the land and its Family/Blood rootedness, nor the Village; but the Town becoming City, and ultimately (at the last, ‘Winter’ phase of a Civilization) the Megalopolis, drawing the rural population into its embrace, submerging the citydweller into a nebulous, alienated mass of proletarians and merchants without ties of land or blood and with at most a precarious notion of family. Above it all stand the new lords and masters: the Bankers, with their democratic political demagogues.

The philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler writes of this disintegration in The Decline of The West: “The megalopolis – skeptical, practical, artificial – alone represents Civilization today. The soil-peasantry before its gates does not count. The ‘People’ means the city-people, an inorganic mass, something fluctuating.”