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Thread: Racism Against White People Increasing

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    Racism Against White People Increasing

    Racism against white people is increasing at both sides of the Atlantic. It is also still for the most systematical denied by mainstream press and authorities.

    Racism against whites has surged to an seven-year high

    It have anyway become a straight public topic, and since it is, it should be focused at as an important aspect of the culture collisions

    Only 5 years ago it was difficult to touch the topic in public, but as the time is more ripe to speak about it, we use it and we also collect some info and links on fresh racism against whites here;

    Racism against whites is also a very good rhetorical tool that not should be unused. See what the others were able to use it for? Those that are screaming loudest are those that are heard. Scream it out.

    Racism against white people is increasing.
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