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Thread: Germany: AfD Calls for 'Negative Immigration' of 200,000 People

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    Germany: AfD Calls for 'Negative Immigration' of 200,000 People

    Germany’s AfD has recently called for an immigration system that would not only limit the number of immigrants coming into the country, but actively expel those who were let into the country thanks to Merkel’s incompetence.

    Yahoo News:

    The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party called for the country to get rid of at least 200,000 more people a year than it takes in, as it faces a plunge in its popularity before elections this autumn.

    The target for "negative immigration" ("Minuszuwanderung") would be necessary for several years, according to a draft election program the AfD released on Thursday, although it did not specify whether the quota would be met by migrants leaving voluntarily, by deportation or both.

    “Negative immigration” isn’t an ideal term; attaching the word “negative” to an already controversial policy proposal seems like a great way to guarantee an apprehensive reaction from the public.

    I much prefer the term “remigration”.

    But this is beside the point – the point being that Alternative for Germany is raising attention to the underlying demographic plight in their troubled nation.

    Just closing the gates isn’t enough at this point, I’m afraid. The millions of non-Whites in Germany have far higher fertility rates than ethnic Germans; as such, forbidding any further immigration will still ensure that Germans eventually become a minority in their homeland.

    Make no mistake: the greatest threat posed by mass immigration is one of demographics, not terrorism. A nation can survive terrorist attacks, bombings, and famine; a profound shift in ethnic demographics, however, is often impossible to undo.

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    That's it what hits the nail on the head: we do not need a stop of immigration but a remigration of all non Europeans living in Europe. Otherwise we will become a minority in our homelands much faster than we think.

    I do not know how we will reach a remigration: either by a change of European policy or by a race war. I fear the second choice is more likely.
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