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Thread: Turk Shoots 2 Danish Sisters, Now Fights Deportation

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    Turk Shoots 2 Danish Sisters, Now Fights Deportation

    The Supreme Court of Denmark has last week allowed a Turkish national who shot two Danish women nearly 2 years ago to appeal his deportation and life-long banishment from the Scandinavian country, reports.

    In an appeals procedure in October, the 29-year-old Burhan Kibar had been found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to eight years prison time by the Western High Court. Since the judges considered the Turk “a serious threat to society’s fundamental interests,” they decided he would be expelled to his homeland after serving his detention period.

    The attack

    On 16 June 2015, Kibar fired six shots at the front door of his ex-girlfriend’s house in the town of Løsning, hitting two women, both sisters of the Turk’s former spouse. One of the victims was shot in the stomach, while the other suffered wounds in her right arm.

    Initial trial

    In April 2016, a district court found Kibar guilty of aggravated assault and convicted him to 4 years behind bars, a sentence that was subsequently appealed by the prosecutor, who wanted a higher sentence.

    During the initial trial, Kibar stated that he had paid his ex-girlfriend a visit in order to ‘talk’ to her. After suddenly considering the fact that the woman’s father might have a gun, the Turk ‘panicked’ and discharged his pistol (that he, of course, had accidentally been carrying). In court he declared:

    “It was the father’s opinion that I had tarnished his reputation by being in a relationship with his daughter before we were married, or so I learned, and I knew what he’d do to me if he got a hold of me. I, therefore, lost my nerves and fired two warning shots at the door so that I was able to flee. When I tried to move away from the house, I fell, and fired four more shots.”

    His ex-girlfriend tells a somewhat different version of events, stating that Kibar was an “aggressive drug-abuser”. The woman had tried breaking up with him after she discovered he had a wife and kids in Turkey, but the man kept contacting her.

    Lawyer: ‘My client is a Dane’

    It was during the appeal, initially demanded by the prosecutor, that Kibar’s deportation after his prison sentence came under review.

    Kibar’s lawyer Karoline Døssing Normann is happy with the Supreme Court’s decision to look into her client’s case, emphasising that he is born and raised in Denmark.

    “Is he a danger to Denmark? It is a unique situation that can hardly ever occur again. Some will probably say: ‘is it punishment for him to be banned to the country where his children live?’ But my client doesn’t feel like living in Turkey. He prefers seeing his kids in his own society, which is Denmark.”

    The Supreme Court will only assess the deportation, not the prison sentence.

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    One couldn't make up such a preposterous situation.

    I, therefore, lost my nerves and fired two warning shots at the door so that I was able to flee. When I tried to move away from the house, I fell, and fired four more shots.”
    Pure comedy gold, yet Western Courts actually entertain such folly.
    ~ **** Democracy! It's 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what's for dinner.

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