I am not Germanic, nor claim to be. I could be described as "debatably white".

However, I admire you people, and I want to learn from your best traits.

When I look at a healthy Germanic person who has been raised away from toxic influences (cultural, dietary, and whatnot), I perceive in them an air of nobility and purity, which I believe is an external manifestation of a rich and dignified existence, coming not only from his lifestyle, but also from the extraordinary quality of his genetics.

On the other hand, when I look at people from other races, I notice something disgraceful about them that I can't really describe. I see that a wholesome lifestyle definitely helps them to some degree, but most of the time they are not as inspiring.

My question would be how to trigger, as much as possible, this 'nobility' I mentioned. I want to potentiate the manifestation of whatever good genes I have. I want a sharp mind and a lively mood. I want a healthy, inspiring body.
Alas, I should do all of it while actively fighting an inner battle against the pathetic cultural influences of my country.

I've asked this question elsewhere. I was directed to Ben Klassen's "14 principles of salubrious living", which seem like good guidelines, but I would appreciate further insights.