by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Geopolitics might be temporarily important, but biopolitics is ALWAYS important. BLOOD before SOIL!

Famous geopolitician Alexander Dugin is not opposed to race-mixing. For him, continents are the pets that need to be fed with the mob of deracinated peoples. In an interview that I conducted with him, Dugin argued that the Tartar admixture in the Russian gene pool was a positive aspect since it created a new kind of "Slavic" man. He also argued that he would not mind if a Mongol would mate with a pure-blooded Russian as long as their offspring would adopt one tradition from either one of the parents. This is like saying that tradition creates race as opposed to the reality of races being the basis of all cultures.

Dugin also worships the Zionists. He views Zionism as a "legitimate" expression of Jewish tradition. This is the same as if the gazelle would praise the lion for the latter's natural instinct to prey on and devour the former. In his own words, Dugin supports both the Jewish AND the Palestinian claim to Israel. He says that he can understand the Jewish need for a homeland but "of course" he can also understand the Palestinians' rights to defend themselves against invading aggressors. How does one fit this essentially schizophrenic attitude into an anti-imperialist and Eurasian framework? One does not, of course. But then again, Dugin's variety of Eurasianism is in its essence an imperialist one that is based on Russian hegemony (as opposed to American hegemony which is the current status quo that is detested by most Eurasians, including myself). Dugin bluntly states that the MOVEMENT EURASIA is not willing to work together with openly anti-Semitic or even anti-Zionist organizations. This is a tactical mistake since it opens Dugin's organization to infiltration by Jewish agents provocateurs and saboteurs that then will be able to slowly undermine the original Eurasian ideal of ethnopluralism (which Dugin seems to have long ago abandoned). After all, Jews are notorious for promoting race-mixing for others but radical Racial Nationalism for themselves.

The MOVEMENT EURASIA seeks to "actively cooperate" with a "traditionalist" Israel. Will this Israel be in the Arab or Jewish tradition? If it will be in the former, then this kind of cooperation will be Pyrrhic in nature as AmeriKa will rejoice that their number one ally will be able to thus manipulate the Eurasian perception of the Muslim world (with the MOVEMENT EURASIA placing a counterproductive trust in a Russian-Israeli partnership). Because even if Israel would by some miracle give up its de facto colonization of the United States, it would still be an alien element in a future Eurasian empire because by its very nature it will remain the outward expression of Jewish exclusiveness and therefore Zionist aggression against all gentiles that stand in the way of Jewish world domination.

come in, my dear!
welcome to my humble cottage
the door is ajar

Continents are secondary. Race is the all-pervasive factor that should influence policy-making and settlement issues. If the White race is able to overcome its internal corrosiveness and unite into one whole, then it can start to look beyond the oceans into the infinity of space above. This will mean that the land masses that are worshipped by geopoliticians will have lost their supposed sacredness. Land on this earth will be reduced to nothing more than a means to a very specific end, namely as a launch pad for a space program that will propel the White race into the outer reaches that it was always destined to explore and exploit. The ruthless exploitation of terrestrial land is naturally a necessary prerequisite for a technologically advanced species' drive for godhood. Because preserving forests and lakes is part of a process of continual obstruction of the visually mystical sense that out there and beyond is salvation and not right down here, it is necessary that unnecessary ecological preservation programs be halted as soon as possible.

Famous Russian racial scientist Vladimir Avdeyev argues that the Nordic race is the core of the White race. This is obviously true. Among Europeans, blonde hair and blue eyes have always been viewed as the ideal physical aspects of a true racial overman. This does by no means mean that other Europids (such as Mediterraneans) are worth any less than Nordics. It simply means that pure (emphasis here) Nordics are the epitomical vanguard of the White race's resistance to amalgamation into the brown swamp of degeneration. This was true two millennia ago when the Germanic warriors resisted the forced multiculturalization process (and subsequent cultural enslavement) by the Romans and it was true in the middle of the 20th century when the Germanic units of the Waffen-SS spearheaded the first pan-European army.

stay out, you dog!
we stay in
but to venture out
an imperative
inside in
and outside out