The Caste System: An important Awareness of Reality

By Jost Turner

Our Forefathers understood that the abilities and capacity of an individual varied directly with his or her evolutionary level. A somewhat corrupted form of this ancient wisdom has been preserved for us in the Hindu caste system. It is, of course, fashionable today to denounce the Hindu caste system as simple bigotry, and considering the present day Hindus, this is probably true. But the original caste system, as put forth by the Aryans who built the great civilization of Ancient India, was hardly bigotry.

It was, and is, a most important awareness of reality. Here we might note that many historians feel that the Hindu caste system was designed only to prevent intermarriage between the Aryan ruling aristocracy and the darker aboriginal Indians. While the caste system was most likely applied in this manner, further investigation shows that the original concept of the caste system was the differences in evolution.

Recent archaeology has shown that the culture, religion, and values of the Aryans of ancient India came from a common source with that of their Aryan brothers, our own Forefathers in Northern Europe. As would be expected, our Forefathers had a caste system very similar to their Indo-Aryan brothers.

However, since our Forefathers were not living within a growing mass of dark-skinned aborigines, we can see that the original Aryan caste system, while obviously applicable to the races, was designed to gauge individual evolution - something that would be of incomparable value for today's National Socialists for recruiting, propaganda, or evaluating an individual's capacity for responsibility and trust. More than a thousand years ago, our Forefathers put forth their understanding of the caste system in the allegorical poem, Rigsthula.

The Rigsthula

The Rigsthula describes how the God Heimdall (known as the "whitest" of the Gods) came to earth and, using the name Rig, visited with three different couples. The God's first visit was to a rickety shack in which lived Ai and Edda (Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother). Nine months after Heimdall left, Edda gave birth to a son, , whom they named Thrall. Thrall became the forefather of all Thralls, which corresponds directly to the Hindu Sudra caste, the caste of servants and slaves.

The next visit was to a farmstead inhabited by Afi and Amma (Grandfather and Grandmother). Nine months after Heimdall left, Amma gave birth to a son whom they named Karl. Karl became the forefather of all Karls, which corresponds directly to the Hindu Vaisya caste, the caste of yeomen, artisans, and merchants.

Finally, Heimdall visited a great hall in which lived Fathir and Mothir (Father and Mother). Nine months after the God left, Mothir gave birth to a son whom they named Jarl. Jarl became the forefather of all Jarls, which corresponds directly to the Hindu Kshatriya caste, the caste of warriors and kings.

Heimdall returned to Jarl, and identified himself as Jarl's real father. He then taught Jarl the mysteries of the Runes.

Jarl transmitted this wisdom to his youngest son Kon - but not to any of his other children. Here we can see that the highly evolved Jarls have the capacity to realize oneness with the Gods, that is, to evolve even higher, to a Superhuman Species. Unfortunately, the Rigsthula breaks off here, the rest being lost. We can only assume that Kon transmitted the mysteries to his youngest son, and that Kon corresponds to the Hindu Brahman caste, the caste of priests and seers.

The poets imagery of the progression of castes from Great Grandmother's Thrall to Grandmother's Karl, to Mother's Jarl, and then from Jarl to his youngest son, Kon, gives us the distinct feeling of mankind's natural evolution throughout the ages, evolving from the lowest caste in ancient, times, to the highest caste in the future.

Individual Evolutionary Levels

Each individual, regardless of race, is at a particular evolutionary level. There are four basic evolutionary levels, corresponding to the four castes. There are, of course, different levels of each basic level, and various combinations of these levels as well - which can become somewhat complicated.

However, with an understanding of the basic evolutionary levels and some intelligent observation, one can become a reasonable judge of any individual's evolutionary level. It is important to understand that individuals at a particular evolutionary level operate on a certain level of energy, and that this energy level corresponds to his or her desires and abilities, and that this limits, or enhances, his or her overall capacity.

The caste which our Forefathers called Thrall is on the lowest evolutionary level, and thereby the lowest energy level. Individuals on this level simply lack the capacity (energy or desire) for any motivation beyond satisfying the most primitive human needs - food, shelter, procreation, and diversion.

As a result, their inclinations are toward servant or laborer positions which provide close supervision. This caste is, of course, very common in the lower races, but it is growing steadily in our own race due not only to generations of thoughtless breeding, but to drug and alcohol consumption as well.

The caste which our Forefathers called Karls is on a much higher evolutionary level. Individuals on this level are motivated by self-interest and personal gain. Their desires lead them toward accumulation of possessions and status, and they have the capacity and sufficient energy to satisfy these desires. Karls are epitomized by the self-reliant yeoman, and they are inclined to become artisans, businessmen, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

There have always been a large number of highly developed Karls in our race, which accounts for much of our high civilizations and economic stability. However, due to generations of improper breeding, excessive alcohol and drug consumption, this caste is diminishing within our race - and being replaced by non-Aryan (Asian) immigrants!

The caste which our Forefathers called Jarls is on a very high evolutionary level. Individuals on this level have begun to evolve beyond the desire for the accumulation of possessions and status, that is, beyond self.

While Jarls have the energy and capacity for any position sought by the Karl, and they often hold such positions, their desires lead them toward higher ideals, and in the true spirit of the warrior, they are often willing to give their lives - or sacrifice their possessions and status for these ideals. Their desires lead them toward idealistic fields, such as political activism, social welfare, and, of course, the true warrior. While every race has its Jarls, they are not very numerous in any race.

Traditionally, Aryans have always had more than others. However, many Aryan Jarls have been misguided into activism which has sabotaged their own race - this includes early christian activists as well as today's civil rights activists. Jarls too can be easily reduced to Thralls by drugs and alcohol.

The caste which our Forefathers symbolized by Kon is on the highest evolutionary level, having evolved completely beyond selfishness, and capable of thinking and acting in accordance with inner awareness. (We can safely say that Adolf Hitler was a good representative of this caste). This evolutionary state is very rare, and we will save further discussion of it for later.

While caste, or evolutionary level, can correspond to occupation, economic position, education, or birth, this is not always a good indicator. In today's society such positions can be very misleading. A true Jarl may hold a laborer's job, not being interested in money or status, but holding his energies in reserve for higher ideals.

Meanwhile, a simple Karl may be leading a hardcore racial organization, taking advantage of being a "big fish in a small pond", and much more interested in the status it gives him than in any true idealism. The real indicator of evolution is energy and desires. What must be ascertained is not just the amount of energy, but more importantly, how that energy is focused, that is, whether the energy and desires are focused on self, or beyond self.

A clear understanding of evolutionary levels is an important and valuable tool for determining an individual's capacity for responsibility and trust. We recommend that all Aryans, especially leaders and activists, be very familiar with it.