This series plays in the Caribbean Sea in the first quarter of the 18th century. The scenes are obiviously in the high seas where the pirates attack trade ships, military ships or each others. The other main scene is the city of Nassau was former Spanish and after English colony, but from 1703 till 1718 it has not governor or garrison. Hence this was the supply base of the pirates at this time. We can see the typical sea ships from that era. The fast and heavy armed frigates, the huge and slow Spanish treasure ships what carry the theft silver and gold from the New World to Spain or the large English Ship of Line, the Man'o'war with more hundred cannons on her deck.

The persons in the series are both real or fictional characters. Fictional character is the main character is Captian James "Flint" McGraw, we follow his life mostly in the series. Other fictional character is the infamous Long John Silver. Real characters are infamous Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny the girl of an English plantation owner who has becomen pirate, Benjamin Hornigold and the bloodthirsty John Vane.

The costumes are beautiful and truly show the fashion of the West India and the fashion of the "civilised world", London, England. The ships are fantastic and we can have true pictures about the hard moments of the life of the sailors, moreover the sea battles.

Well, the series is very story oriented, there is very much dialog and lesser action, however this is not The Pirates of the Caribbean, here the men live own life and the story is not a continous shotting and swordfighting.

The negativ in the series the explicit sexual content, hence it is absolute 18+, fortunately this kind of events are rare in the series.

At least here is a teasing. The music is not from the series, it is an old sea shanty, the Shiver my timber.

Black Sails ~ Shiver My Timbers