The age of Piracy of the Caribbean was 1650–1750. The main bases of the pirates were the Spaniard Tortuga in Haiti and the Nassau in the Bahamas. The pirates early used the Spaniard Galleon what was a heavy but slow vessels. Later they used the frigates what was a fast ship with many cannons. This is so interesting that exists indepenting colonies like as Tortuga or Nassau what were the bases of the pirates. Some pirates existed only in fairy tales like as Davey Jones or Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver some of them were the reality like as Jack Rackham, Edward Teach "Black Beard" or Anne Bonney. Many pirates was a "privateer" who had a pirate-letter from a souverein, f.e. from the English king like as Sir Francis Drake. Thus the states in the Caribbean-Sea robbed each ships without military.

A spanish galleon, the ship of the 16th century.

The frigate, the ship of the 18th century.

In the 18th appeared the heaviest ships with more cannon, but the pirates never used this, the line ship or battle ship or man'o'war.