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Thread: David Irving: Jews should ask themselves why they are hated

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    David Irving: Jews should ask themselves why they are hated

    David Irving: Jews should ask themselves why they are hated

    Holocaust denier David Irving on Friday said Jews should ask themselves why they have been hated throughout history.

    "They [Jews] should ask themselves the question, 'Why have they been so hated for 3000 years that there has been pogrom after pogrom in country after country?', said Irving, speaking at a press conference he convened in England on Friday, a day after he was released from an Austrian prison.

    Irving, who was sentenced to three years in prison for denying the Holocaust, was released last week after his appeal was granted.

    Asked if he sees himself as anti-Semitic, Irving said, "No, I like to think I am not."

    But immediately following his answer, Irving expressed his support for Mel Gibson's comments that "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

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