Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Toronto Star editorial board on Friday, December 2, 2016, and answered questions posed by Star staff and readers.

The Star’s reporters, Peter Goffin and Alex Ballingall, twitted snippets from the Q & A session during which Trudeau portrayed former Prime Minster Stephan Harper as a leader who was identified with “white nationalism”:

Peter Goffin @petergoffin:
“Trudeau says by voting against Harper‘s “old stock Canadians” viewpoint, Canadians were choosing not to embrace white nationalism”

“I think it’s very important we acknowledge the diverse range of voices in this country in all different sides of the spectrum and make sure we have heard them whether or not we agree with them as much as they would like,” says Trudeau.”

Alex Ballingall @aballinga:
“Trudeau says Canadians rejected politics of “old stock” cdns and islamophobia in last election. “Stephen Harper ran the campaign on that”

Few hours earlier, Trudeau delivered remarks and participated in a Q&A session at Elementary Teachers of Toronto Federation Day 2016 held on Friday, December 2, 2016 at Toronto Congress Centre.

When asked about social justice, Trudeau said that he was lucky to be born a white straight male who was given power and a voice that he didn’t nothing to earn or deserve. He emphasized that luck comes with a responsibility to empower those who are not given power by our society.