"Croatia, Slovenia and Austria should create a strong alliance, the EU their voice then could not miss hearing."

Mr. Hofer, already three quarters of the year fight with Alexander Van der Bellen to enter the Hofburg. Will the third round of a presidential decision on changing the direction of Austria?

The first round of the presidential election was an indication of the direction in which moves Austria. For the first time in the history of the Second Republic it was not a candidate of the SPO (Social Democratic Party) is not a candidate OVP (People's Party), the two parties that for decades dominated Austrian politics. Ballot on December 4 will be the second time indicator that direction. I must point out that Alexander Van der Bellen and I respect each other, but we represent different attitudes and values.

Do not you think people are frustrated by repeating the selection and incomprehensible accidents with the glue that does not stick to envelopes of ballots? Abroad Austria is ridiculed as the "banana republic".

Austria is certainly not a "banana republic". But those absurdities are truly shocking and do not serve to strengthen faith in democracy and the rule of law. People show uncertainty and it is sad result of all this.

Foreign media show you as a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Nazi and the great danger of diversion of Austria and the EU. How do you deal with it and what are you doing to fix this image?

The media are imposing that image. During a visit abroad I could perceive that the government is of such an opinion. Anyone who follows my statements knows that I firmly anchored to democracy. I would like to give the people a voice of reason and thus to act against the resentment towards politics. And this is contrary to extremism and that for which I was called out.

If on December 4 you become Austrian President, should we count on Austria out from the EU, the so-called. Öxit?

Austrian exoit from the EU is not desirable, nor is the topic of discussion. As the Austrian Federal President I want to contribute to this European project that continues to develop in a positive direction.

You take heed of British Brexita?

Much more important question is the lessons that the makers in the European Union take after the vote in the UK. As a Democrat, you have to take note of the decisions of the people because it represents the will of the people. I do not want to lecture anyone here. For Austrian politicians it is certainly an indication of how wrong are the developments within the European Union and how important it is to correct them. I believe that this fact should not be longer ignore.

How do you see the EU's policy towards refugees?

Migrants put a great challenge before the EU. What is particularly important is that the EU's external borders are fully secured so that migrants who are not entitled to asylum cannot enter. The European Union needs to invest more money and resources in order to guarantee safety on borders. Otherwise it will - in accordance with our neighbors - be necessary to apply national measures. Croatia, due to its position, occupies a key role. The fact is that the policy of the German Federal Chancellor in Germany itself , and in Europe certainly is not, a majority view. There must be a serious correction, not only to preserve but more in order to restore stability.

Are you satisfied with Austria's policy towards refugees and how many, in your opinion, Austria can even receive?

The federal government recently movesin the direction of reality. This is welcomed. However, events over the past year show that Austria was not adequately prepared to protect its borders and it cannot be repeated. It is important to finally begin to clearly distinguish genuine refugees in need of help, from economic migrants. Thus many who need our help are really not getting it. This does not mean that we leave the human policy, but that we need more stringent regulation, as the current situation exceeds our available capacities.

What steps would you take in refugee policy in the event you become President?

My role as president would be prudent and sensible voice to warn the erroneous developments in the country. I'll try to previous efforts and achievements of Austrians in this area are recognized and above all restore their safety.

In addition to the issue of refugees, which is the biggest problem you now?

The refugee issue shows that the European Union must urgently reform. The model of the United States of Europe can not be a means to solve any problems. I am for subsidiary Europe because in some areas we need more Europe, for example in security policy, while in other areas, for example, how should look like gloves for grilling, it is better to decide on the Member States alone. We must not forget that the European Union can be strong as much as strong and its Member States.

You keep looking for the restructuring of the EU. How would your opinion could be in the future "new Europe" and Austria?

Subsidiary designed by the European Union that would support peace, security and prosperity. It would simply be a haven of stability. In this context it is also important that relations between Member States celebrates mutual respect.

You already reproached to be more focus on national-oriented country like Hungary. How would you comment on the result of the Hungarian referendum on EU refugee policy?

The referendum in the first place must be evaluated as an act of direct democracy. From my point of view to greet it when people at key issues has the opportunity to specifically declare. As for the results of the Hungarian referendum, he was sending a clear signal to people that work in Brussels and Berlin.

In order to strengthen the voice of small countries in the EU are thinking about a new Union countries (Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia ...), modeled on the Benelux countries. Was that the purpose of your visit to Croatia and Slovenia in late August?

Austria, Croatia and Slovenia joining a long common history. Therefore it is extremely important to me fostering close ties with these countries. Today, when we stand before the various challenges that we can better overcome together than they could alone, friendly relations are particularly important. I think the Visegrad countries, Croatia and Slovenia and Austria together could create a strong alliance, whose voice in Europe could not miss hearing. In this sense, the Benelux countries certainly have a positive example.

How do you evaluate the relations of Austria and Croatian?

Relations between the Croatian and Austrian marks the traditional friendship and mutual respect. My wish is this relationship continues to deepen and take care of the lively cultural, economic and political exchange.

How do you assess the political situation in Croatia after the recent parliamentary elections?

Austria is a neutral country and the role I would like to meet a new life. As for the assessment of the political situation in Croatia, it would be inappropriate from a third perspective to comment on the domestic politics situation in that country. Croatian citizens choose the path they want to go, and I'm sure you know exactly what is best for their country.

You will first visit the country to become a President?

My first foreign trip will be in one of the countries of the Visegrad Group. In particular, I would be looking forward to the forthcoming visit to Croatia. My focus will be to promote neighborly relations. Precisely in this area there are many opportunities for further development of mutual cooperation


Norbert Hofer in Prague: Austria should join the V4


Czechia, Prague – President Miloš Zeman received the Austrian FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer on Monday, September 12. The “friendly visit” was concluded by the wish to strengthen Central Europe and enlarge the Visegrád group by including Austria, and President Zeman gave his support to Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential election.

On Monday, September 12, President Miloš Zeman received at the Castle of Prague the candidate Norbert G. Hofer, running for the presidential election of Austria. After the counting of the mail-in ballots, Mr. Hofer lost the second round of the election but this vote got eventually cancelled due to many irregularities. The vote is planned to be hold on December 4.

Mr. Zeman and Hofer discussed several topics as the Beneš decrees, which provided for the confiscation of the property of collaborators, traitors, ethnic Germans and Hungarians, except for those who themselves suffered under the Nazis. They also formed a basis for the transfer of the former groups from Czechoslovakia, recalled the Prague Monitor.

After their one hour-long discussion, Mr. Hofer said the meeting took place in a wonderful atmosphere, and he expressed his wish to enlarge the Visegrád group with the adhesion of Austria, once he’d be president. This would give more voice to Central Europe which should have more power, according to Mr. Hofer. The spokesperson of President Zeman, Jiří Ovčáček, declared that Mr. Hofer were pledging for “a Union within the Union”.