The Gothic Full Plate Armour is a typical armour in the Holy Roman Empire and Hungary. This was expensive, hence the knights and the mercenaries worn. The main cetres where made these armours are Augsburg, Nürnberg and Landshut. This was a full armour, it cover the body since the foot till the head in standing and in fighting position too. The name "Gothic" meaned "German" against the Italian or French armours.

Interesting part of the armour the helmet what Sallet or der Schaller (this last in the Danube Swabian means hit. ) This was the most typical most German part of the armour. Some of them had a separate visor some of them was a one piece helmet.

As a German historical heritage, the Sallet have inspired the designer of the WWI M16 Stahlhelm like as the English used the form of the "Iron hat"

After the two bloody World War the tradition of the Sallet is living longer in the Federal Republik of Germany Federal Defense Force's parade helm, the Bundeswehr Paradehelm.