Third World invaders living in Sweden have blamed whites for the orgy of nonwhite crime in that state, saying that “racism” and “boredom” originating with white people is the cause of their unrest.

(New Observer Online)

“We take out our frustration by destroying and vandalizing,” and it “felt good to burn cars,” nonwhites were quoted as saying by media.

According to an article in the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper, the violence includes crime and car burnings, which, the nonwhites say, “makes them feel good.”

Quoting one of the criminal perpetrators, the VLT said that the nonwhites engage in these criminal activities “because we are treated differently. So many times I had been propped up against the wall and strip-searched,” the invader said.

The invader quoted by the VLT then went on to say that a lack of money also contributes to their criminal activities: “So many times I and my friends have been out during the winter time when we had neither a car nor a way to get home. My mother would come home in the middle of the night, with only a thin jacket, toes frozen and cold.

“When I saw my family being completely devastated by this, I just felt that I needed to pay back the community for the way they were treating us.

“We gathered up the young people in the neighborhood who felt oppressed and that was when the car burnings started, because it was a way to vent our anger, to get the attention of the public and force them to listen to us.”

The invader then goes on to blame boredom as a reason for the nonwhite violence, saying that in his residential suburb, Skallberget, they don’t have park benches or lights on the football field.

“In short, it is clear as hell that we take out our frustration by destroying and vandalizing when we have a shortage of activities here. There is neither good fellowship, activities, and things we can make use of.”

An earlier article in the VLT said that many of the nonwhite invaders said that it “felt good to burn cars” and that it “felt good to get back at the community.”

One nonwhite quoted in that article said that the reason for the violence was because “the people in Raby [the suburb] are discriminated against and condemned.

“When a car burns, everyone thinks [the people doing this] are animals and idiots. People do not know how young people are discriminated against every day. It is not the fault of the people here; people in the town have more talent than everyone else, but who wants to see our talent, who wants to hear what we want to say?”

Asked why cars were burned, the invader said that “the people are only seen by the community when the cars burn, because I think children and young people are using it as a cry for help.”

The VLT did not, of course, dare point out the obvious: that Sweden is possibly one of the most left-wing, race-denying liberal nations on earth, and that any suggestion that nonwhites are discriminated against, is laughable.

The claims of “police harassment” are equally absurd. That the police regularly have to stop and question nonwhites is only because they commit more crime.

However, nonwhites—and race-denying liberals—ignore the high nonwhite crime rates and instead always blame police for being “racist” when in fact all they are doing is chasing down criminals, no matter what their race. If anything, the Swedish legal system actively persecutes anyone who dissents from the race-denying worldview.

The VLT articles show once again that no matter what nonwhites do, no matter how obvious the link between race and crime, white people are always blamed.