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Thread: Goths, Gtas and Jtes

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    Goths, Gtas and Jtes

    I am very curious that these three ethnonym, the Goths, the Gts and the Jtes are relative. First of all the mainstream science tells us that the Goths had comen from Scandinavia and they had arrived Poland's seacoast by the Vistula at the first or second century CE. After they had gone toward south-east to the contemporary Ukraine where they had established two kingdoms, the Visigothic and the Ostrogothic Kingdom (Visi means West, Ostro/Austro means Ost in the Gothic language.

    If see the Baltic see between Poland and Sweden, we will find the island of Gotland. It would be reasonable that a island what is in the root of the Goths that may had settled by Goths too.

    The ancient centre of the modern Sweden was the region of Gamla Uppsala what is a small village nowadays since the Swedish kings had removed to the capitol to the (New) Uppsala and later to the nowadays capitol Stockholm. The region of Gamla Uppsala was the land of the Svea people, Svealand. This is northeastern from that region where the Goths had acrossed the Scandinavian peninsula. The most interesting that southwest from Svealand are two Swedish province, Vstergtland and stergtland, the former Gtaland. Originally this region was certainly not Swedish, moreoever the Swedish kings had a titel of King of Goths till 1975. In the Anglosaxon Beowulf uses the ethnonym Geats, probably to the Scandinavian Goths, the Gtas. Ptolemaios, the Greek geograph have writen about Goutai, Jordanes, the gothish historician have mentioned Gautigoths. This may show the territory where from a part of the original Goths had gone to the continente.

    Another interesting name is the Jt. The Jtes were the third people whos invaded Britain with the Angles and the Saxons. Later the region of Jtland have invaded the Danes whos have come originally from the South-West part of the Scandinavian peninsula. The only remain from the Jtes is the name Jtland or Jylland in Danish. If we see the map of Scandinavia we will be able to see that Jtland is near to Vestergtland. The old Anglosaxon (and the modern Swedish too) used to make the sound 'g' to 'j'. F.e. English yester-day or German Gester-n, English yard or German Gard-en. In the coast of the Vestergtland is the city of Gteborg, the city of the Gtes. The Swedish like as the Anglosaxon makes 'j' sound in the place of 'g' as the Gteborg souns Jteborj. The Vestergtland is Vesterjtland, the Gtes are Jtes. In this way it my be that the Jtes were Gtes, Jtes whos had comen from the Scandinavian peninsula to Jtland.

    The archaic Gothic language is very close to that Proto-German what spoke the Proto-Germans the first centuries BCE. This means that those Goths whos had comen to Poland after Ukraine after the low part of the Danube in the 4th century CE, they spent very short time in Scandinavia and they do not mixed with anyone that they could conserve own languages that bishop Wulfila's Biblia is a key to the Proto-Germanic language.

    I think the Gothes had comen to Scandinavia in the 1st century CE and they had arrived to Poland in the 2nd century or earlier. One part of the Goths had held in Scandinavia, they establish kingdoms of Vester- and stergtland and they mixed with the local, probably Finno-Ugrians like as the Danes, the Shwedish people or the Norwegians. After it a part of the Scando-Goths had gone back to the continente to Jtland. They left that place to Britain in the 5th century and another people, the Danes have come to South-Scandinavia to occupy Zeeland and Jtland.

    Thus the Visisgoths had maken a kingdom in Hispania till the Arab invasion in 711 CE and later they have given the nobility of the Spanish people. The Ostrogothic Kingdom had stand in Italy till the Easter-Romans lead by Belisarius had defeated the last Ostrogothic king, Totila. The Jtes have merged to the English people, the Gtes have becomen a part of the Swedish people. At least in Ukraine, in the Crimean-peninsula some part of the Goths had lived till the 18th century, after they have merged with the Germans whos have comen from Germany to find new lands.

    I put here a sample from Wulfila's Gothic Pater Noster to everybody can take delight in this archaic language what is so close that tounge what all of us common ancestors spoke in the past:

    Atta unsar thu in himinam,
    weihnai namo thein.
    qimai thiudinassus theins.
    wairthai wilja theins,
    swe in himina jah ana airthai.
    hlaif unsarana thana sinteinan gif uns himma daga.

    jah aflet uns thatei skulans sijaima,
    swaswe jah weis afletam thaim skulam unsaraim.

    jah ni briggais uns in fraistubnjai,
    ak lausei uns af thamma ubilin;

    unte theina ist thiudangardi
    jah mahts jah wulthus in aiwins.

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    The Jutes though Ingvaeonic were part of the Baltic culture area. The origins of the Gothic ethnonym I am unsure of. Sme of us still hold out for a connection to the Massagetes in which case the Germanics of the steppes were initially vassals of an Iranian tribal confederation. In any case you should think of the Goths and the Antes as Cossacks: their ethnogenesis followed demic colonisation of the steppes.

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