Today I saw a Deutsche Welle broadcast on the Colonia Dignidad at

What impressed me most was to see this group of true Germanics being turned into a meek, complexed bunch. It appears that the mestizos have taken the better out of them, humiliating them. What do you think?

The main intention of the colony was to project to the outside world an image of harmony, order and an inclusive system of communal work (collectivism directly in line with National Socialist policy).[dubious – discuss] This was emphasized by the work of its own press operations who were recording and broadcasting videos showing their happy residents amid celebrations and commemorations: men dedicated to farm work, women and girls embroidering or preparing butter.

However, Schäfer propaganda efforts were again and again overshadowed by allegations of people escaping from the colony and obtaining asylum in Germany. The first, Wolfgang Muller, fled in 1966 and first exposed the atrocities that occurred within the colony. Muller obtained German citizenship and worked in a newspaper, soon becoming an activist in Germany against the leaders of Colonia Dignidad, and finally became the president of the foundation dedicated to the support of victims in Chile.