Last year she leapt to fame at The Edinburgh Fringe by giving 'the quenelle' salute in front of the city's iconic Castle. This time she has become even more famous by being banned! She is now the first ever person to be banned from The Edinburgh Fringe.

Alison's controversial show ‘Tell Me More Lies’ was inspired by a poem written by British-Swiss writer and publisher, Gerard Menuhin, which Alison set to music. It's a crazy, irregular waltz in 15/8 time which helps to push the message of how mainstream media twists the truth. The rhythm also expresses frustrations caused by smear campaigns waged against ‘Holocaust’ revisionists.

These themes are developed in word and music, relating Alison's path along the rocky road of Revisionism. The song (((Survivors))) has provoked a sharp contrast of reactions, ranging from cries of ‘absolute genius’ to repeated calls from certain quarters to have Alison arrested. We welcome her to The London Forum - the last refuge of free speech, free debate, free discussion and freedom!

Alison brought the house down for her performance at the London Forum, and received a standing ovation that lasted several minutes.

Alison Chabloz – ‘Too fringe for The Fringe'