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Thread: On Genetic Slavicness [former "A. Hitler about Russia" Thread]

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    Post Re: A.Hitler about Russia

    Actually, no they didn't. Your association of this 'mutation' with 'Slavness' is nothing more than the arbitrary product of an overworked imagination.
    Tell it to the authors of "Characterization of a novel 21-kb deletion, CFTRdele2,3(21 kb), in the CFTRgene: a cystic fibrosis mutation of Slavic origin common in Central and East Europe":

    Thilo Dörk · Milan Macek Jr · Frauke Mekus · Burkhard Tümmler · John Tzountzouris · Teresa Casals ·
    Alice Krebsová · Monika Koudová · Iva Sakmaryová · Milan Macek Sr · Vera Vávrová · Dana Zemková ·
    Evgeny Ginter · Nica V. Petrova · Tatiana Ivaschenko · Vladislav Baranov · Michal Witt · Andrzej Pogorzelski ·
    Jerzy Bal · Cesary Zékanowsky · Klaus Wagner · Manfred Stuhrmann · Ingrid Bauer · Hans H. Seydewitz ·
    Thomas Neumann · Sibylle Jakubiczka · Cornelia Kraus · Barbara Thamm · Marina Nechiporenko ·
    Ludmila Livshits · Natalia Mosse · Gennady Tsukerman · Ludovít Kadási · Metka Ravnik-Glavac ·
    Damjan Glavac · Radovan Komel · Katja Vouk · Vaidutis Kucinskas · Astrida Krumina · Maris Teder ·
    Svetlana Kocheva · Georgi D. Efremov · Tuncer Onay · Betul Kirdar · Geraldine Malone · Martin Schwarz ·
    Zhaoqing Zhou · Kenneth J. Friedman · Soukeyna Carles · Mireille Claustres · Dominique Bozon ·
    Claudine Verlingue · Claude Férec · Maria Tzetis · Emmanuel Kanavakis · Harry Cuppens ·
    Christina Bombieri · Pier Franco Pignatti · Federica Sangiuolo · Albena Jordanova · Jelena Kusic ·
    Dragica Radojkovic · Jadranka Sertic · Darko Richter · Ana Stavljenic Rukavina · Eva Bjorck ·
    Birgitta Strandvik · Horacio Cardoso · Mark Montgomery · Barbara Nakielna · Daniel Hughes ·
    Xavier Estivill · Isabel Aznarez · Elizabeth Tullis · Lap-Chee Tsui · Julian Zielenski

    But I doubt they'll ay attention to your fantasies :-)

    It is not even present in the vast majority of the people you would call Slavs. It DOES NOT distinguish Slavs from non-Slavs.
    Wake up, it's presented in the absolute majority of Slavs.

    Because your 19th century study has been debunked for years now.
    LOL You're funny.

    That's odd. The article refers to both genetics and history, if I recall.
    Your reasoning is indeed odd :-)

    This is more nonsense. There is no such thing as 'biological Slavness' to begin with.
    Genetists and anthropologists disagree with you. But who are they, and who are you? LOL

    Alright. Try to support your claim with something that is not the product of discredited 19th century romanticism.

    It's known that educational standarts are very low in the US, but it's shoking to verify this fact in person...

    LOL no they don't.

    ""F508 homozygotes indicate that this deletion represents a severe mutation associated with pancreatic insufficiency and early age at diagnosis. Current data show that the mutation is particularly common in Czech (6.4% of all CF chromosomes), Russian (5.2%), Belorussian (3.3%), Austrian (2.6%), German (1.5%), Polish (1.5%), Slovenian (1.5%), Ukrainian (1.2%), and Slovak patients (1.2%)."
    And this is the reply to:

    The absolute/vast majority of Slavs (as well as Germanized Slavs - East-Germans and Austrians) does have that marker. What's your problem?

    Anyway, I posted some of the promised info in the History section - but I don't see your reaction... tell us something about romanticism :-)

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    Post AW: Re: A.Hitler about Russia

    Quote Originally Posted by Deconstructionist
    How so? I will note for the gallery that the article cited above was provided by Ross himself.
    But that is beside the point. The point is that this article consulted an external historical source (and only one of them). They did no further research into history/archaeology. They concerned themselves with genetics.

    Anyway, you can not refer to this study to prove that there were no Slavs in Western Germany.

    And I do and did not claim that they were, which is what I tried to point out with:

    "This could also be due to recent migrations, though."

    I.e. recent migrations of Eastern Germans to Western Germany.

    I would really like to know what this 'mutation' has to do with being a 'Slav'. It is not even present in the vast majority of 'Slavs'. It in no way distinguishes 'Slavs' from 'non-Slavs'. There is no such essentialist characteristic.

    Fade, do check which countries are Slavic and which are not.

    What I meant by:

    "You don't seem to be familiar with the theories on the origin and migration of the southern Slavs. Slavic is also a linguistic term. That is part of what this study should help resolve."

    - is that there are theories about Serbs and Croats being Slavicised Iranians. These theories have been around for ages (not that it would make them culturally less Slavic). That is what this study was supposed to corroborate or refute. The Slavic presence in Austria and East Germany has never been disputed. What other countries are there left then?

    (from the study I posted)

    I disagree. I asked Ross to point me in the direction of a gene or some sort of biological characteristic that distinguishes Slavs from non-Slavs. Ross posted a self-refuting article to support his claim, along with some long-discredited 19th century ethnography.
    While I naturally acknowledge that with time this article could turn out to be wrong, and I refuse to jump to conclusions, I will still take their word over yours until you refute their study.
    "slavic" languages are absolutely arteficial (Read "slawenlegende"). The "glagolica", invented by a bunch of monks, is nothing but an ancient esperanto, creating new words, definitions and alphabet out of regional slangs.

    The craddle of European Civilization comes from the North. All blond people originate from the north. So if you see a blond-blue eyed Slovene, Russian, Czech, Polak ect., you can be 100% sure that his ancient ancestors originated from "Germanics" (Germanic = Nordic).
    "slovenja" was the settelment of the Langobards = Germanics/Teutons. "Poland" of the Goths and East-Vandals ect. ect. What do "slavs" tell us about their origin?
    Some silly story that they originate from some swamps in the east and popped out of no where into history.

    So you see my dear "Gorostan" [=Triglav], you are in reality a "Germanic" indoctrinated with panslav propaganda and historic fantasy stories. ~Dr. Brandt, former TNP and Skadi member

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