This case rolls all the evils of the Clinton-Obama globalist, crony capitalist, white genocide agenda all in one. We've heard of the Refugees raping and urinating on the 5yo little girl in Idaho, but how did that come to happen?

This guy,
Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish citizen, came to the United States and started Chobani Yogurt, using a SBA loan funded by American taxpayers.

Then he invested in buying politicians, finally getting Michelle Obama to replace meat on school menus with HIS (specifically "Greek") Yogurt. Chobani makes more than half of all Greek Yogurt, by the way.

Next, he got into promoting refugee resettlement in the United States. Here he is with his buddy Bill Clinton:

This is Globalism in a nutshell... how crony capitalists and crooked government officials conspire to destroy white nations.

Just watch this video and get the outline:

Twin Falls Treason

Lee Stranahan has done a series of articles on Twin Falls, Idaho and the situation there, all worth a look:

Especially, check out this one:

and this one:

This billionaire Turk is an enemy of our people in every way, but no less so than the Clinton traitors who enabled him.