The curtain of time always reveals the historical truth and its forgers who try so much to hide behind it, are, finally condemned to moral stripping. This is what the Jews are now suffering from, after the demolition of their historical scheming which they had managed to strengthen their disputable national existence (and not only ....) on the stupidity or simply the tolerance of all the gullible people of the world.

The disgusting story of the supposedly six million Jews, which the "schizophrenic" Nazis would, according to the seasonal perverted fantasies of the Jews, on some occasions convert them into.... soap or on other occasions into .... fertile ash is now a "story1! The great Historians R.FAURISSON, A. BUTZ, P. RASSINIER, W. STAGLICH etc. have turned the criminal Jewish lies into ashes placing them is the pos it ion of the non-existing ashes, of the supposed, cremated "victims" of the concentration camps.

Now it is time to expose yet another impudent Jewish lie which is related to the metropolis of the outer-Palestinian international Zionism:Poland, Krakow, district KAZIMIERZ, SZEROKA street, Here is the most advertised Jewish synagogue REMUH and the Jewish cemetery which surrounds it. Unfortunately, as for the Jews, again, their piteous story doesn't meet a German who would most probably be "possessed", but a neutral investigator with a GREEK NATIONALITY, whose impartiality is a fact.

I found myself in Poland, "plugging" it for fifteen days and came in contact with many people and things. This is the obligation of those who seek for the truth .... I was in Krakow for the fifth day, when, I was browsing through the special "tourist" guide "A GUIDE TO JEWISH KRAKOW", signed by the well-known Zionist EUGENIUSZ DUDA who edits in the Jewish-held Poland the local Jewish propaganda service JEWISH INFORMATION

AND TOURIST BUREAU (i.e., a state within a state ....) I read on page 43 a sentence, and was astounded:

"During the Nazi Occupation the cemetery was totally destroyed: the tombstones were shattered, the walls smashed. All the area was destroyed in such a way that it was turned into a formless mass of earth".

This information, in spite of its revealing Jewish anti-Nazi conclusion, it would have left me totally indifferent if, symptomatically, the day before I hadn't visited this particular cemetery, left totally _intact, to which this fraud leaflet was referring to : the cemetery and the REMUH synagogue.

Because I belong to those who don't mean to give in to the Jewish trap of anti-fascism, I took the Jewish leaflet and went again to the REMUH synagogue, where I met the Jewish

(Always...) manager. I gave him the publicized fairy-tale and showed him the upright synagogue and the intact cemetery asking for some explanations for the fraud. The Jew, used to the people's passiveness, showed discomfort because of my
disputing and most provocatively asked me if I was a …German! After having a bad day by finding out me was Greek, he babbled out his his alternative story: "The author..." he said, "didn't live here therefore he doesn't know exactly how things are. Before the Germans came in, we had covered the cemetery with earth, and when the Nazis arrived, they thought the whole range was some kind; of a field so they organized football matches on it. They didn't do anything to our synagogue because it was essential as a building to them, since they had converted it into a store for setting clothes!".
Firstly there is no probative evidence and no witness to affirm that the Germans used the synagogue as a store for selling ... clothes. On the contrary:

1. As a building it is totally unsuitable for a similar use, since its interior is

particularly narrow, and is limited,

even more, by the "forum" which, like a

large cage, dominates the centre, of the already

smal1 hall, in a suffocating way.

2. On both sides of SZEROKA street there
are more suitable buildings for this use.

3. The story of the Jews overlooked
the fact that the German Army was
exemplary well - disciplined within

the limits of accomplishing their war duties, which differs so much from the American Army, which (look at Vietnam and anywhere else....) sold out all sorts of its material, and also from the most famous Jewish psychology of trading everything, even lies.

Concerning, now, the "changing" of the REMUH cemetery into a .... Football court, we are pointing out the obvious untruth of the Jews for the following proving reasons:

A.Firstly, the surprise arrival of the Germans and,
for those days, the non-existing technical means
in combination with the immense surface of

the cemetery excludes the version of

the "hiding" of the cemetery under vast amounts

of earth and its "variation" into a court,

as the Jew story-teller claims.

B.None of the neighbors (mainly Jews) we
asked didn't remember to tell us
exactly if and when the cemetery

was covered up and when was is revealed: not even an approximate date! This though, couldn't even be determined by our Jew "guide" who was a big liar. It

should be noted down, that, none, of the

old inhabitants living in the Jew houses

of JAKUBA Street, which runs along

the whole western side of the cemetery,

did speak about the banking up of_ the

Cemetery but all- remember the

Cemetery as it is today, that is, intact.

C. Where from could the millions of cubic meters of earth be transported for such an extensive banking up
and where would they have been dumped away after

liberating, without one thing been seen either then

or today? No explanation was given to us and it is

worth while noting that both district KAZ1MIERZ and

the wide old city (STARA MIESTA) of Krakow, in which

KAZIMIERZ is placed in, they are both not offered for

neither earth-receiving or earth-dumping because

both KAZIMIERZ and STARA MIESTA, show an intact town

planning, which is, mostly cobbled road building,

dating back to the 9th century A.D.! Except if we

naively accept that all these millions of debris were

carried from somewhere many miles away and thrown

away again just as much away but again, the means of

that period wouldn't allow it to happen.

D. If in case the cemetery was covered

up with earth, its resulting configuration

would be eye-striking artificial and

suspicious because the ground would

be un-naturally raised high, over the

level of the surrounding roads and be

enclosed inside the perimeter cemetery

walls with an average height of over two meters!

Therefore, it would compose of a super-natural

earth cube, with of-course, the surrounding tall

walling of the cemetery. The Germans never earned

the reputation of being stupid, especially in

technical matters!

E.As we observe in the photograph of the
interior of the cemetery (photo 1), the cornice
of the gravestone of chief rabbi REMUH,
which is the tallest of all, is exactly at
the same height with the upper cornices

of the windows which are on the back wall(western)

of the REMUH synagogue: that is . exactly what line

points out on the photograph. If then, we accept

the Jewish script of the banking up, then,for just

the least concealment of the grave slabs, the

slightest level of banking up would compulsory

shut out the exterior of the windows of the

synagogue whilst in the interior, the exactly

outside of the window earth, would betray the

suspicious un-natural condition.

F.In order for us to accept that the
slightest secure level of banking up,
which would be succeeded, is the
straight horizontal line B on photo 1,
that would mean the decisive
deterioration of the bark of the tree
which is seen in the grave yard
perimeter of REMUH (from the level of
banking up and downwards), also,

mainly the decomposition of the

synagogue walls from the same

height and below. None though of

these two decisive indications

don’t exist,except for the usual

and expected (because of time and

the environments usual moisture) damages

of the coats of the synagogues 'walls,

similar to those which are observed

at the rest buildings of the same area.

G The end of the arrow of the diagonal

line on the same photo 1 indicates the summit of an earth slope which runs across the southern side of the graveyard perimeter; this slope is totally natural and the determined summit is much shorter than the tallest cornice of all the grave yards’ slabs. The naturalness of the slope is sure and its moulding doesn't test if y at any past^ period the remove of vast amounts of earth which would be necessary for the counterbalance of the conceded surface of the cemetery.

The Zionist leaflet told us about the "destruction of the REMUH cemetery up to the point where it was turned into a formless mass of earth"! Reality shows it INTACT not only from the "mean" Nazis but from anyone\!! The international Jewish untruth is demolished, loosing one after another its rotten forts, and this not because of the efforts of the "mean" Nazis but because of the factual observations of investigators from all the civilized World, indiscriminate of nationality* Alas, to those naive people's intelligence who still are trapped in the fraud of those who swept the Mankind to the most horrifying bloodshed of two World Wars in order to manage to establish their country, exactly after the fall of Europe, a substantial result of the last great War.

PS: On picture nr. 2 is shown the oldest grave of the Remuh cemetery, 400 years before the arrival of Germans in Krakow, totally intact!
Considering only thiw document , another jewish lie is shattered!