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A lot of high-quality fotos are flying around for a place that allegedly cant be investigated
Photographs of dubious origin don't equal evidence.

Also Russia has been excluded from the investigation, while Ukraine was not.
Western satelite imagery and data stems from July 20, which is 3 days after the crash, while the Joint Investigation Team refused to even look at satelite data from Russian air controls from the actual day of the crash.
The Russian data didn't meet western standards so was useless to the investigators. It offered very late as well, on the eve of the reports publication in fact. A suspicious person might suspect it was tampered with or at least was an attempt at time wasting by the Russians.

The report is quite blown up with "information", but all relevant points and all those fine animations that are presented are all not actual data but "computer visualisations", visualising the guess work and the narrative of the west.
An expert opinion is valid in any court of law in the world. The official report represents the consensus opinions of an international team of experts, including some form Russia. It is good enough for Kremlin funded Russia Today, which almost everyone agrees is little more than Putins mouthpiece.Yet it's not good enough for you. Really, how strange?

Well, okay, they're that stupid that they confuse a 4 times larger, 2 times higher flying civil airplane with a smaller, lower flying bomber. These same stupid people are holding territory against Ukrainian/western forces for several years now. Okay.
If a plane is twice as high it's going to look half the size now isn't it? In the Heat of battle mistakes happen all the time. All.The.Time. I wouldn't be surprised it those guys shot down a few of their own planes as well, only it wasn't reported on.

Btw, these same stupid ppl ensured that the Dutch and the Joint Investigation Team could investigate the crash site in the first place.
They had no choice. If they refused to cooperate it would be tantamount to admitting guilt. Anyway you hardly think it was the numpties who fired the missile who were in charge of making the decision to cooperate with an international team of investigators do you? It was the higher ups of course. Most likely Putin himself made the decision.

The point is that the given evidence doesnt pin down the act to rebels either, and since a lot of data has been rejected by the Joint Investigation Team, the report is nothing but a theory, too.
Of course it pins it to the rebels. They were the only ones proven to be there and firing rockets. If you come home and your canary is missing out of its cage and your cat is belching feathers your don't try to put the blame next doors tabby, do you?

One entirely wrapped by the west, one that fits the western narrative of "evil, Ukraine-annexing Russia that threatens the west" and all that other bullshit. No one ever talked to the rebels, even though they made sure that the team can move about the place freely, no one looked at the actual satelite data from Russia.
As I say, the Russian data was adjudged to be of poor quality. But you don't believe that because you refuse to believe that doesn't suit your world view where the west is the enemy of freedom and Putins Russia is blameless of all crime.

In a criminal investigation you at least talk to the suspects. Not in this case.
You seriously believe the rebels would give up the perpetrators? What world are you living in?

Ah, wish I could, but what I can is to shred doubt upon the western tale, which is quite like a Swiss cheese, where actual data should be are only holes^^
The only thing you have managed to shed doubt on is your own objectivity. Even Russia Today accepts the reports findings for pity sake.

As said, it's a question that doesnt even come to their minds. Most likely they were not capable of doing it, in that you're right, but it's not their style anyway. It's quite a moot point to ponder.
The point I was making is that airplane autopilots have never yet been hacked my terrorists. From that I that it is probably because they are difficult or impossible to hack. Therefore it should be possible to make driver-less cars difficult or impossible to hack also.

Terrorists need the shock element, they will always prefer the suicide bomber over any kind of sophisticated technology.
It seems to me that the shock element is far greater if a plane can be caused to crash remotely. Because then no one on an airplane would ever know if they were safe until the plane had actually landed. The psychological effect of that could be devastating on air travelers.

And in turn, all sophisticated technology is not capable of stopping a suicide bomber, someone driving a truck into crowds, a handful people running with machine guns through Paris or stop freaks from hacking random people to pieces in trains.
Suicide attacks are very difficult to prevent, granted. But self-driving cars could make it a lot more difficult to carry out the kinds of attacks that took place in Berlin, Nice or just recently in London, because the terrorists couldn't simply jump into a self-driving car and drive into pedestrians.The systems autopilot would have to be completely bypassed and total manual control achieved first. In future self-driving cars may be made so that this is impossible, or at least a very lengthy, technical process.

How about the terrorist throws out the robot-pilot from the bus and takes over? How sophisticated needs a terrorists to be to do it? How is the robot-pilot capable to stop the terrorist from doing so?
That's not how self-driving cars will work. There won't be a "robot" at the wheel, there won't be a steering wheel at all in most cases and even where there is, it will be physically impossible to steer a driver-less car so that it runs pedestrians down because the cars obstacle avoidance mechanism will kick in. Simply put "monkeys" won't be allowed to drive cars for very much longer.