Female trolls of Iceland.

The she-trolls of Icelandic saga and folktale seem, in general, similar to their male counterparts to the extent that one would normally expect females to be to males. On the whole less militant, they are nevertheless, similarly, for the most part a rather sinister crew, ranging in negative disposition from cannibalistic propensity and general homicidal inclination to mere mischievousness towards human beings. Like the males, they are, however, sometimes content to coexist peacefully with humankind, minding their own business, and can on occasion be friendly and helpful, even tenderly or aggressively amorous, just as the males can be rapaciously so. Orvar-Oddr's giant nurse-mistress Hildigunn and Hilfdan's patroness-mistress Brana, also daughter of a giant, are examples of the benevolent side of the eternal feminine manifesting itself within an Otherworld of creatures for the most part alien or hostile to man.