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Thread: The Ethnic Origins of Beauty

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    The Ethnic Origins of Beauty

    Photographer captures women from more than 50 ethnic minorities around the world

    A photographer is on a mission to capture portraits of as many different ethnic groups as she can - and so far she's at 50.

    Natalia Ivanova, 33, a Russian Moscow University graduate currently based in Paris, travels the world in hunt of women aged 18-30 who have belonged to an ethnicity for at least three generations, to shoot her non-profit project, The Ethnic Origins of Beauty.

    Speaking to FEMAIL about her project, she said: 'It's a way to draw attention to all the ethnicities, regardless of their population or official status; and a way to show that each ethnic group has its own unique beauty, which requires equal attention, respect and protection.'

    Ms Ivanova recruits her subjects in various ways - like working with universities and scouring social media - but also by asking women to submit make-up free snaps of themselves with a brief introductory video.

    'We are selecting the participants of our project very carefully,' she says. 'We try to find beautiful faces but also faces that are typical for each culture to show the glory of diversity.'

    It seems likely that most of these women are professional models, but she insists otherwise.

    'Many model candidates were rejected after our photo and video castings,' she says. 'We need not just a pretty face, but also a good ethnic awareness, knowledge about one's own people, and also a charismatic personality.'
    Read more:

    The project's page:

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    I wonder what the relationships are between the individuals being photographed. It's one thing for two (mostly) unrelated individuals of the same ethnic origins to look similar to one another. It's another if they are sisters sharing the same parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esther_Helena View Post
    I wonder what the relationships are between the individuals being photographed. It's one thing for two (mostly) unrelated individuals of the same ethnic origins to look similar to one another. It's another if they are sisters sharing the same parents.
    I use to have the example of Chinese faces. For an average Europan without any anthro-knowledge all the Chinese have a same face. It is a reverse thing, an average Chinese sees all the Europans a same. However obiviously non of any nation a clone-division from the Star Wars, just any ethnic community has some tendencies what can uniformize them. F.e. the Chinese in the age of Colonization called the Europans as "red-faced" or "big-nosed", simply because many Chinese have white skin, that the roufusity of the face-neck-breast is typical Europan thing, and the Chinese have smaller and lower nose in average than the Europeans. In this way the average femal or male beauty in any ethnic group is different and visible. The sexual selection was the greater force what differentialized the human population, because the femals' face is a mirror what were that traits what the males have finden attractive.

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