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Thread: Tongue Posture, Breathing, and Beauty

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    Tongue Posture, Breathing, and Beauty

    Is the shape of your face and its beauty strictly genetic? Or is there a feedback loop on your facial structure from your tongue position; your tongue position being, primarily, an issue of how you breathe and chew?

    This is the thesis of Dr. Mike Mew and his father Dr. John Mew.

    The tongue modulates the growth of the jaws, facial growth, and subsequent beauty.

    I never had teeth braces and I prefer to breathe through my nose. This tends to provide proper “tongue posture,” where the tongue snugs up against the roof of the mouth, the palate, providing support for the upper jaw and cheekbones.

    Other people might breathe through their mouths. The tongue is not against the roof of the mouth. As such, over time, the upper face melts, elongates, and slides down, creating distortions that undermine the full potential of one’s natural facial beauty.

    Jews tend to have Godzilla face, Melted face, Simpson’s face, or a peanut head, where their face slides down, and the lower jaw, or mandible, recedes. I see the Godzilla/Simpson’s face in Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Cohen.

    This is my way of describing the thesis of this father and son team of mouth and facial experts, “orthotropics,” who work to correct “craniofacial dystrophy.” For professional reasons, they would characterize things differently.

    They assert that the orthodontic establishment can damage the face. More here.

    Straightening the teeth does not fix the underlying problem of poor tongue posture, which can cause other problems like apnea.

    Because of that assertion, this team is now facing heat from the British dental establishment, which wants their views shut down.

    If you see breathing problems in your children, now is the time to check out their channel, since it might get shut down anytime, due to self-censorship. Their information will be lost.

    Their thesis tells us that how your face grows is not entirely genetic, but is dependent on how you use your facial and breathing apparatus. The face is supported by the upper jaw, and if it isn’t getting adequate tongue support, the face will slide down and back. The tongue posture provides support to the upper jaw to keep the face from sliding down.

    This dental team claims to reverse the upper jaw from sliding down and back, to up and forward, to restore beauty in children who are showing signs of this problem.

    A simple correction in breathing patterns can go a long way in children. If they have chronic trouble breathing through their noses, this will affect their facial development.

    Apparently, people didn’t have crooked teeth hundreds and thousands of years ago. What have we lost in the last centuries that is changing human development through the nose and cheeks?

    Why are people not able to breathe properly? Diet, allergies, pollution? There are many possibilities. Whatever causes these breathing problems results in ugliness in the population, a true devolution of the species.

    You would think this would be a concern for public health, but in our dysgenic dystopia, beauty or the lack of it, is not a public health emergency.

    Have we ever heard any voice-on-high deplore wanton piercing or tattooing? No. The malevolent human farmers in power want an ugly population with distorted aesthetics.

    Is the fad of tongue-piercing without consequence? John Mew’s views on tongue piercing:

    Like other health-related matters, illness makes the money, not health. So, if the Mew Thesis is correct, it would be preventative. It solves problems for people before they develop into costly dental problems. This may be why it is targeted for suppression.


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