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Thread: The AfD is a Politically Correct Party

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    AfD's Gunnar Beck: 'Germany was a small ‘c’ conservative society until Merkel transformed it into this cultural Marxist nightmare'

    Supporters of Germany's AfD party attend a protest in Erfurt

    German intelligence will tap the phones and spy on the members of Alternative für Deutschland opposition, but a senior party figure says if they can just have their message heard they will pick up even more votes.

    News that the German intelligence services now have the legal green light to monitor phones of the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party members and to spy on their activities has failed to derail the party’s political ambitions for this year’s elections. Speaking exclusively to RT, senior AfD member and Euro MEP Gunnar Beck admitted that while the latest decision was part of “draining conflict” with the establishment his party was determined to overcome the obstacles in its path.

    But the Dusseldorf-born lawyer was not surprised by the move from the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), the German federal intelligence agency. After all, it was just a year ago that BfV chief Thomas Haldenwang revealed the intelligence services would be monitoring the party’s radical Der Flugel (The Wing) faction in a state crackdown on extremists. “Rightwing extremism and rightwing terrorism,”
    Haldenwang declared at the time, “are currently the biggest danger for democracy in Germany.” This opened the door for the BfV to now legally use phone taps, police informants and spies to monitor the activities of not just the radical element but all members of the country’s largest opposition party, which currently holds democratically elected seats in each of Germany’s 16 regional parliaments.

    For Beck it was only a matter of time before the BfV widened its scope. “They announced around two and a half years ago that they were ‘observing’ us,” he said. “That was right after AfD became the largest opposition party in the German Bundestag and we were riding high in the opinion polls at the time. But now it seems that having constantly threatened it, they've finally decided to do it. They can basically do what they want although it’s a severe invasion of one’s personal life.”

    For privacy-loving Germans, even those with no declared political affiliation, the BfV’s move has had a chilling effect on personal liberties.
    “This is a massive onslaught on freedom of expression,” said the 55-year-old Beck.
    “It’s a political weapon in Germany, that because of the particular historical situation of the country seems to be reverberating far more strongly nearly 80 years after the war than it was immediately after those years.
    “Germany is a particularly easy target for this and you even have our own politicians who say, ‘You can’t say that, it’s because of the war,’ or ‘it’s because of the Holocaust,’ so in fact you can’t say anything.
    “The country is in a state of traumatisation or kept in such a state because of the war. This has made Germany the leader of most degenerative social trends like this attack on personal freedom.
    “It’s become a Horseman of the Apocalypse.”

    With German federal elections scheduled for autumn this year, the political timing of the BfV decision and the blanket labelling of all AfD members as a cause for concerns over extremism could be seen as a cynical establishment attempt to smear the populists.

    Beck shrugs off the “extreme rightwing” label, pointing out, “If you read our party policy programme then it’s pretty much in line with mainstream opinion from just 20 years ago. “You have to remember that Germany was a small ‘c’ conservative society in many respects until Mrs Merkel came in and she’s transformed it into this cultural Marxist nightmare. He insists the AfD is on the right path on policy, and while admitting nothing is cast in stone, is convinced of one fact. “We do have reason on our side,” he said. “And while it’s a particularly hostile climate we are facing in Germany we must be ferocious in attacking it. “What I am convinced of is that there are potentially many more people who would agree with us if our message gets through.”

    What role the BfV will play in AfD’s attempts to do so is unclear right now. The question is, however, whether Germans will stand for spies and informants being used to hamper a democratically elected opposition. One thing is clear: despite the BfV upping the ante, the AfD remains ambitious and undeterred.

    Merkel is a Stasi who always worked for a strong and dominant state with the opinions of the public totally ignored. She has the media always on her side. Guess who controls the media in Germany? It is not Germans.

    It is clear that so -called "liberalism" throughout the Western world is intolerant of all opposition, which it typically labels "extreme-Right" and claims to reject as a threat to an alleged belief in "freedom". Its methods have been more subtle in the past assisted by overwhelming control of all media, but desperation as the consequences of liberal policies become more evident has brought about the imposition of blatant suppression formerly condemned as "police state" tactics. Previously, when real opposition existed in small and disunited parties, action to stifle growth could be hidden by claims that it was merely preventing "fringe", potentially "dangerous" groups from threatening democracy. Now, in countries such as France and Germany it can no longer convincingly rely on this argument, and is obliged to openly wield those very same police-state measures against the largest, democratically elected parliamentary opposition, the AfD.

    R T:

    AfD's Gunnar Beck: 'Germany was a small ‘c’ conservative society until Merkel transformed it into this cultural Marxist nightmare' 05 III 2021.

    If the 2020 USA Presidential showed anything it was that 'Democracy' exists NOWHERE and never has. Democracy's election illusion (Chairman Joe, the corpse) is worse than those of the old Soviet bloc elections which at least produced a live professional, leader.

    Merkel, despite her retreat from the front, has been and is a leading top NWO globalist who has destroyed Germany and is intent on completing the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Rentz View Post
    The NPD is a lost cause. They have never had enough support to win even one seat in the Bundestag and only a smattering of seats in any State government. I agree with their platform, though it is a wasted vote at this point. AfD is the more logical choice for keeping more Muslims out of the country and deporting illegals.

    As an American citizen, I contributed to the NPD for several years thinking they might just have a chance in gaining a couple of seats, but that never materialized and their support has decreased every year since 2005.
    If I recall it rightly, the NPD was close to some MP seats in the 1960s - having nothing, but perhaps some municipal seats ever after. Notably, it seems to be a creation by British intelligence. In fact the history of post-war influence on the political landscape of Germany is something that hasn't yet been thoroughly addressed by historians. Well, lets say they get some seats, but what then? It's a bit like a dog chasing a car and then gets it. Political Offices don't function in isolation, as many righties seem to think. (If only we could our own folks into government, yeah right).... Seen what happened to Trump. That approach leads to straw fires at best. One needs broad based civil society support to succeed, that you only get via influencing your organic leadership strata, which are again influenced by intellectuals (in the true sense, but make no mistake that rubbish now called intellectuals has influence on the public) and cultural production (books, songs, movies, literature, art, etc.). If you can't produce those metapolitical requirements, your political attempts will be futile. One would think the righties would learn this by now, but no "we need a better party, we need a better leader, we need more rallies", etc. I'm preaching this for decades, and others did before me: Politics is downstream from Culture, first do your cultural revolution and ultimately reap your political one. Wouldn't it be time to admit defeat, now? Admit that you wasted millions of dollars and man hours on stuff that can not work, in fact is useful to the enemy to portray righties as losers? And well, blasting resources that could have been used to do what I just was hinting it. Won't win instant results of course, but had the chance to yield long term results, even if you won't get the credit for this, you'd have served the cause.... Isn't this what counts in the end.

    Anyway, I read the AfD got quite some academics in their ranks and they got some vitriolic feedback from the college leftists.... See, the lefties have understood what the value of 'cultural hegemony' and the 'role of intellectuals' is in this. So that's why they obstruct especially on this field.

    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    If the 2020 USA Presidential showed anything it was that 'Democracy' exists NOWHERE and never has. Democracy's election illusion (Chairman Joe, the corpse) is worse than those of the old Soviet bloc elections which at least produced a live professional, leader.
    Merkel, despite her retreat from the front, has been and is a leading top NWO globalist who has destroyed Germany and is intent on completing the job.
    It doesn't matter what those in positions think or believe. What matters is what people think and believe. And that's why those that control politics, economics and culture start with the later, they heavily invest in what determines the ideas in people, be it media, academia or think tanks. In the past that was a role especially fulfilled by the Churches, since they were the source for knowledge outside their private circles by most people. Most churches nowadays fall in with the political correct tunes of the main-stream intellectuals. That's probably why they lost most of the influence they once had, even 70 years ago.

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