Jorg von Ehingen (15th Century Swabian Knight)

Excerpt from his diary.. (translations vary)

By the evening, some of our people arrived and told us that there was a mighty heathen knight who was eager to duel with a christian knight, at a place midway between the two camps/armies. I asked the captain if he'd allow me to go, because I was well equipped and very flexible in my ring-harness (a coat of mail, obviously?). Moreover, I had the strong Jinete (a spanish horse) that the king had given me. The captain agreed and comandeered back the skirmishers. They retreated to the camp/army. With my spear/lance, I made the sign of a cross and slowly set off towards the heathens. Seeing me, the heathens also retreated to their army/camp (obviosuly the skirmishers...). Our captain sent a bugler to the heathen camp/army who tooted and gave signs. Only a moment later, a heathen came galopping down to the valley on a beautiful barbarian (?) horse. I didn't hesitate and moved in his direction. The heathen readied his shield and came riding at me quite seriously, shouting at me. So I also got going. I had my spear/lance on my shank, and when we were getting close to each other, I fixed the lance/spear in the lance rest (? "gerüst" so he must have worn at least a breastplate?) and hit his shield. And even though he hit me on my armoured sleeve, I nevertheless gave him such a strong hit that horse and rider went down. But his spear was still hanging in my ring harnish and hampered me, so it took me some time to get rid of it and to dismount. He stood up/disentaglned himself from his horse. I had my sword in my hand. He had also taken out his sword. We met and both of us landed a hit. The heathen had a good brigandine. Even though I had managed to bypass his shield with my hit, he remained unharmed. His hit did no damage to me either. We started to grapple and wrestled until we both fell to the earth, side by side. He was quite strong. He teared himself away from me. So we both managed to turn up our upper bodies, both still kneeing side by side. I gave him a push with my left hand in order to get him into a position so that I could hit him with my sword - successfully: I pushed him so far back that I was able to give him a thrust in his face. And even though I didn't get a clean hit and didn't wound him, it nevertheless made him flinch back and dazzle. So I was able to give him a serious thrust into his face, brought him to the ground, plunged onto him and cut his throat. I stood up, took his sword and went back to my horse. Both horses stood side by side. Both had been in action the whole day and were very tired/tame. The heathens, seeing that I had won, withdrew. The portugese and the christians joined me and cut off the heathens' head, took his spear/lance, plugged his head onto it, and took off his armour (...)