After the new paper on the Iranian Neolithic it seems likeliest Hotu Gorge was post-Neolithic. Still that fits with the expansion of steppe peoples down through Iran as well as C Asia and India.

Now I mentioned Mesolithic Europe some of them were weird. Past sources saw Negroid in some of them (Mendes-Correa of Muge, refuted by Vallois). Loschbour and Oban had massive brow ridges like Aborigines - a neanderthal legacy?

Boule and Vallois thought Chancellade an ancestor of Teviec dolicho-mesocephalics. Heuertz thought that the Loschbour skeleton resembled the dolichocephalic Cromagnid. Norling-Christensen, Broste and others found Mesolithic Danes and Norwegians to be "early Nordic" - surely an UP substrate was absorbed into modern Germanics. (You will know this from Coon.)