A Glimpse of Skaği

Taken from the website:
A Personal Vision of the Goddess

On the forested, snowy slopes of mighty ramparts of stone, it is the end of day. The clear pale sky fades to indigo behind looming, icy peaks; under the darkening sky the snow blanketing the foothills seems to cast its own blue light. A thin crescent, Mani hangs low over the crags as the welkin's stars blossom forth. In shimmering clouds my breath hangs about me in the stillness.

In the starlight a snowy landscape of hills dotted with fir trees is revealed to my eyes, frosty and leeched of colour. The rocky shoulders of the mountain loom up behind the hills, grim and icy. A fitful north wind begins to blow, cutting like a knife; the air, piercingly cold and fresh, fills my lungs and body with a purifying exhilaration.

There: I see the Goddess Skaği approaching, stalking prey. Gliding skilfully on skis she moves between the trees in utter silence. Just as silently, a pair of snowy owls ghost down from a tall juniper on muted wings, to circle and hover near the Goddess.

Skaği is dressed in white and pale tints with some black, camouflaged perfectly for the environment. She wears an enormous white wolf pelt as a cloak. Tied onto it are many snowy owl feathers, especially along the edge of the pelt. It is secured at her shoulders by two large ornate domed brooches of silver set with clear crystal cabochons. Her white buckskin tunic and trousers, which seem very light-weight for winter garments, are edged in fine tablet-woven trim with runic designs white on black. From knee to ankle She wears mottled lynx-fur leggings cross-gartered with strips of reindeer leather over bone-coloured elk-hide boots. The toes of the boots turn up in points, and their uppers have applique panels of grey felt embroidered all over with silver and black geometric designs. On Her head is a round white bear-fur hat that frames Her face like a full moon.

The Goddess' bow-arm is bare to above her elbow. From one shoulder hangs a quiver covered with a large albino otter-skin with the tail on. The many arrows within are painted and fletched black. Her long bow is of a polished black wood which glistens like obsidian.

About Her waist is a narrow black elk-hide belt decorated with ornately embossed silver plates. On this hangs a pouch of white fox fur on one side and a long seax knife in a silver decorated sheath on the other. Around Her neck, glistening like ice, is a necklace of silver and clear crystal. It looks like branching limbs tipped with ice. 3 On Her arms are several heavy twisted silver rings.

The face of the Goddess is sharp and angular; Her high cheekbones have hollows below them, and her jaw is strong. Her beauty is as hard, cold and brilliant as diamond, as pure and distant as the winter stars. Her keen eyes are a startlingly pale ice-blue. Her gleaming black hair is very long and swings behind Her in nine thick braids to which are tied raven feathers. Though her hair is dark as night, Her skin is pale as snow, with the only the faintest tinge of pink.

Tall, lean and broad-shouldered, She moves with effortless grace, and strength, in silence. She has picked up the trail of game: a lone stag. Her breath in white rhythmic clouds swirls into snowflakes in Her wake as She increases Her speed. Snow begins to fall, summoned by Her breath, floating down in erratic eddies on the icy North wind. Like grey ghosts, from all directions wolves silently converge on the Goddess to join in Her hunt.